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Is Paris In Italy?

Is Paris in Italy? Perhaps you’re laughing at this question, but then again… you clicked to get here, so maybe you really want to know!

[Mic drop] No, Paris is not in Italy.

Where Is Paris?

Paris, THE Paris, is the capital of the country of France.

It’s located in north-central France, in Western Europe, in the Northern Hemisphere. It sits on the globe at 48.8566° N, 2.3522° E, which is a similar latitude to Seattle, Washington, in the United States.

How Far Is Paris From Italy?

While Paris isn’t in Italy, it is relatively close.

France borders Italy, and the distance from central Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral) to the Italian border (near Mont Blanc / Monte Bianco) is about 622km.

In a car, it would take about 6.5 hours, without stops or traffic.

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Countries That Have A City Named Paris

Water tower with Paris printed on it in red with blue and red stripes.  There are trees around it.  There is an Illinois state symbol, red, white, and blue in the lower left.
The United States is home to a few cities named Paris, including one in Illinois

While Paris isn’t in Italy, there are cities and towns named Paris in other countries around the world:

  • France – capital city
  • United States – cities and towns in states of Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New York, Tennessee, and Texas
  • Denmark – village in Jutland

There are more neighborhoods, communities, areas, and geographical monuments named Paris around the globe.

Which City In Italy Is Most Like Paris?

San Marco church in Venice with a little boy standing in front of a puddle and looking toward the church with his back toward the camera.  It's a cloudy day.
Venice oozes romance, much like Paris does

Paris is truly unique, but using some words and phrases to describe it, we can name ‘similar’ cities in Italy:

  • Amazingly romantic – Venice
  • Full of beautiful art – Florence
  • A foodie’s dream – Bologna
  • Overflowing with culture – Rome
  • Full of fashionistas – Milan

If I had to choose one Italian city that I would most liken to Paris, France, it would have to be Rome. Each feels like the cultural capital of its respective country, and each has its share of incredible food, art, history, architecture, style, and romance.