101 Italian Boy Names for 2023 + Pronunciations, Meanings & More

If you’re looking for Italian baby boy names for your little guy, you’ve found the right place! I’m a mamma in Italy and have named three little boys with Italian boys names.

I can assure you I’ve sifted through all possible Italian baby boy names (really – I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent researching them!). I’ve looked beyond the ‘most popular’ lists to find names that will work for you, no matter where you’re located.

I hope this list will help you in your search for the perfect Italian baby boy name for your new arrival!

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The names listed are real Italian male names that you’ll find in Italy. You won’t see names like ‘Georgio,’ ‘Theo,’ or ‘Julio.’ Why not? Because they aren’t Italian names, even though they’re often listed as Italian names on baby name websites.

You won’t see every possible Italian male name, but you will find authentic, beautiful, classic Italian names for your little boy. They’ll stand the test of time and will be recognized throughout Italy.

In the first list, you’ll find the name, its pronunciation, the meaning of the name, and its origin.

In the second list, you’ll find the name, its famous namesakes, and its English language equivalent.

Following the lists, you’ll see the popularity of these boy names in Italy and the USA in 2021 (the most up-to-date data available).

After the lists, read on to find more information on:

  • Masculine and feminine names in Italy
  • Italian naming traditions
  • Nicknames in Italy
  • Shortened Italian names
  • Descriptive nicknames in Italy
  • Geographic considerations when choosing an Italian name
  • Italian names in pop culture
  • Onomastico (Name day) in Italy

Congratulazioni and happy searching! And remember to eventually bring him to Italy!

Note: We can guarantee that the names on this list are authentic Italian names that are spelled correctly and pronounced accurately. The origins and meanings of these names have been researched thoroughly and to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy. If you find a name you like, please continue to research its origin and meaning. If you have any feedback, please let us know.

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101 Italian Boy Names + Pronunciation, Meaning, & Origin

Adriano man from AdriaItalian
Agostino greatItalian
Alberto elf counselOld English
Alessandro defender of manGreek
Alessio helperGreek
Alfredo noble and brightGerman
Ambrogio immortalGreek
Amedeo lover of GodLatin
Amerigo rulerGerman
Antonio priceless oneLatin
Apollo strength or destroyerGreek
Arturo bearCeltic
Augusto majestic, venerableLatin
Aureliano goldenLatin
Aurelio goldenLatin
Beniamino son of the right handHebrew
Brando swordGerman
Carlo warriorGerman
Cesare hairyRoman
Ciro lordPersian
Corso good help to the familyLatin
Cosimo well-orderedGreek
Cristiano follower of ChristLatin
Damiano to tameGreek
Daniele God is my judgeHebrew
Dante enduringLatin
Dario possessing goodnessGreek
Davide belovedHebrew
Diego holder of the heelHebrew
Edoardo guardian of wealthOld English
Elio sunGreek
Emanuele God is with usHebrew
Emiliano rivalLatin
Emilio rivalLatin
Enrico home rulerGerman
Enzo home rulerGerman
Ettore holding fastGreek
Eugenio well bornGreek
Ezio eagleGreek
Fausto luckyLatin
Federico peaceful rulerGerman
Filippo lover of horsesGreek
Fiorenzo prosperousLatin
Gabriele strong man, heroHebrew
Giacomo holder of the heelHebrew
Giancarlo God is gracious/warriorHebrew/German
Gianmarco God is gracious/god of warHebrew/Latin
Gianni God is graciousHebrew
Giorgio farmerGreek
Giovanni God is graciousHebrew
Giuliano youthLatin
Giulio youthLatin
Giuseppe may he addGreek
Gregorio watchmanGreek
Gustavo venerableLatin
Jacopo holder of the heelHebrew
Leonardo lion-heartedGerman
Leone lionGreek
Leopoldo bold among the peopleGerman
Lorenzo from LaurentumLatin
Luca bringer of lightGreek
Luciano lightLatin
Luigi famous warriorGerman
Lupo wolfLatin
Marcello Mars, god of warLatin
Marco Mars, god of warLatin
Mario Mars, god of warLatin
Massimiliano greatestLatin
Massimo greatestLatin
Matteo gift of GodHebrew
Mattia gift of GodHebrew
Milo soldierLatin
Moreno dark hairedLatin
Niccolò victory of the peopleGreek
Nico victory of the peopleGreek
Oliviero olive treeLatin
Ottavio eighthLatin
Paolo small, humbleLatin
Piero rockGreek
Pietro rockGreek
Raffaele God has healedHebrew
Remo strongGreek
Riccardo ruler, leaderGerman
Roberto fame, brightGerman
Rocco to roarGerman
Romeo from RomeGreek
Samuele God has heardHebrew
Saverio new houseBasque
Sebastiano venerableGreek
Sergio servantLatin
Simone listenerHebrew
Stefano crownGreek
Teodoro gift of GodGreek
Timoteo honoring GodGreek
Tommaso twinGreek
Ugo heart, mind, spiritGerman
Valentino strong, healthyLatin
Vieri olive treeLatin
Vincenzo conquerorLatin
Vittorio victor, conquerorLatin
Zeno shine or skyGreek
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101 Italian Boy Names + Namesakes & English Equivalents

NameFamous NamesakesEnglish (US) Equivalent
AdrianoAdriano Olivetti, engineer; Adriano Giannini, actor, Adriano Pappalardo, singer; Adriano Panatta, tennis playerAdrian
AgostinoAgostino Tassi, painter
AlbertoAlberto Tomba, ski racerAlbert
AlessandroAlessandro Volta, inventor of the battery; Alessandro Borghese, restauranteur; Alessandro Borghi, actorAlexander
AlessioAlessio Figalli, mathematician; Alessio Boni, actorAlexis
AlfredoAlfredo Pedulla, journalistAlfred
AmbrogioAmbrogio Lorenzetti, painter; Ambrogio Fogar, sailor
AmedeoAmedeo Avogadro, chemist; Amedeo Modigliani, artistAmadeus
AmerigoAmerigo Vespucci, explorerEmmerich
AntonioAntonio Pisanello, painter; Antonio Banderas, actorAnthony
ApolloApollo, son of Zeus
ArturoArturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pianist; Arturo Vidal, soccer playerArthur
AugustoAugusto, emperorAugust
AurelioAurelio de Laurentiis, film producer; Aurelio Andreazzoli, soccer coachAurelius
BeniaminoBeniamino Gigli, opera singerBenjamin
BrandoBrando Giorgi, actor
CarloCarlo Ponti, conductorCharles
CesareGiulio Cesare, emperor
CiroCiro Immobile, soccer playerCyrus
CosimoCosimo de’ Medici, ruler
CristianoCristiano Ronaldo, soccer playerChristian
DamianoDamiano Carrara, chef; Damiano Cunego, cyclistDamian
DanieleDaniele Scardina, boxer; Daniele Silvestri, singerDaniel
DanteDante Alighieri, poet
DarioDario Argento, film director; Dario Bressanini, chemist
DavideDavide Rossi, violinistDavid
DiegoDiego Rivera, painter; Diego dalla Palma, make-up artist; Diego Maradona, soccer player
EdoardoEdoardo Bennato, singerEdward
ElioElio Petri, filmmaker; Elio Toaff, rabbi
EmanueleEmanuele Filiberto of Savoy, prince of Venice; Emanuele Severino, philosopherEmmanuel
EmilianoEmiliano Zapata, revolutionary; Emiliano Sala, soccer player; Emiliano Brancaccio, economistEmil
EmilioEmilio Pucci, fashion designer; Emilio Salgari, writerEmil
EnricoEnrico Fermi, physicist; Enrico Letta, former prime minister; Enrico Brignano, actorHenry
EnzoEnzo Ferrari, racecar driver; Enzo Amore, wrestlerHeinz
EttoreEttore Bugatti, automobile designer; Ettore Scola, screenwriterHector
EugenioEugenio Montale, poetEugene
EzioEzio Greggio, comedian
FaustoFausto Coppi, cyclist; Fausto Melotti, sculptor
FedericoFederico Fellini, film director; Federico Garcia Lorca, poetFrederick
FilippoFilippo Inzaghi, soccer player; Filippo Neri, saint; Filippo Nardi, DJPhillip
FiorenzoFiorenzo Magni, cyclist; Fiorenzo Carpi, composerFlorence
GabrieleGabriele d’Annunzio, poet; Gabriele Muccino, film directorGabriel
GiacomoGiacomo Leopardi, philosopher; Giacomo Puccini, composerJames, Jacob
GiancarloGiancarlo Giannini, actorJohn Charles
GianmarcoGianmarco Saurino, actor; Gianmarco Zagato, authorJohn Mark
GianniGianni Agnelli, industrialist; Gianni Rodari, writer; Gianni Versace, fashion designerJohn
GiorgioGiorgio Armani, fashion designer; Giorgio Locatelli, chef; Giorgio Rosa, engineerGeorge
GiovanniGiovanni Casanova, adventurer; Giovanni Moroder, composer; Giovanni XXIII, popeJohn
GiulianoGiuliano l’Apostata, emporer; Giuliano Gemma, actor; Giuliano di Bernardo, philosopherJulian
GiulioGiulio Cesare, politician and general; Giulio Ferrari, entrepreneur; Giulio II, popeJulius
GiuseppeGiuseppe Verdi, opera composer; Giuseppe Garibaldi, military leader; Giuseppe Zanotti, fashion designerJoseph
GregorioGregorio, saintGregory
GustavoGustavo Rol, painter; Gustavo Gutierrez, philosopherGus
JacopoJacopo Peri, composer; Jacopo da Lentini, poetJames
LeonardoLeonardo da Vinci, polymath; Leonardo DiCaprio, actorLeonard
LeopoldoLeopoldo Pirelli, businessman, Leopoldo Luque, soccer player; Leopoldo Galtieri, former presidentLeopold
LorenzoLorenzo de’ Medici, statesman; Lorenzo Insigne, soccer player, Lorenzo Lamas, actorLawrence
LucaLuca Zingaretti, actor; Luca Guadagnino, filmmakerLuke
LucianoLuciano Pavarotti, opera singer; Luciano Ligabue, singer; Luciano, DJLuciano Pavarotti, opera singer; Luciano Ligabue, singer; Luciano, DJLucian
LuigiLuigi Tenco, singer; Luigi Sturzo, priest; Luigi Zingales, authorLudwig
MarcelloMarcello Mastroianni, actor; Marcello de Cecco, economist; Marcello Lippi, soccer playerMarcel
MarcoMarco Polo, explorer; Marco Aurelio, philosopher; Marco Pantani, cyclist; Marco Giallini, actorMarcus
MarioMario Lopez, actor; Mario Andretti, racecar driver; Mario Lemieux, hockey player; Mario Draghi, prime minister; Mario Balotelli, soccer playerMarius
MassimilianoMassimiliano Rosolino, swimmer; Massimiliano Morra, actor; Massimiliano Allegri, soccer coachMaximilian
MassimoMassimo Bottura, restauranteur; Massimo Boldi, comedian; Massimo Ranieri, singerMaximus
MatteoMatteo Garrone, filmmaker; Matteo Romano, musicianMatthew
MattiaMattia Destro, soccer player; Mattia Torre, screenwriterMatthew
MiloMilo Ventimiglia, actor; Milo de Angelis, poetMiles
MorenoMoreno Cedroni, chef; Moreno Roggi, soccer player; Moreno Donadoni, rapper, Moreno Morello, journalist
NiccolòNiccolò Machiavelli, political philosopherNicholas
NicoNicholas, Nicodemus
OlivieroOliviero Toscani, photographer; Oliviero Corbetta, actorOliver
OttavioOttavio Bugatti, soccer player; Ottavio Rinuccini, poetOctavius
PaoloPaolo Veronese, painter; Paolo Fox, astrologer; Paolo Villaggio, actorPaul
PieroPiero della Francesca, painter; Pero Pelu, singer; Piero Manzoni, artist; Piero Angela, television hostPeter
PietroPietro della Valle, composer; Pietro Sermonti, actor; Pietro Morreale, soccer playerPeter
RaffaeleRaffaele Riario, painter; Raffaele Riefoli, singerRaphael
RemoRemo d’Souza, choreographer; Remo Remotti, actor, Remo Bodei, philosopherRemington
RiccardoRiccardo Zanotti, singer; Riccardo Muti, conductorRichard
RobertoRoberto Benigni, actor; Roberto Saviano, writer; Roberto Cavalli, fashion designer; Roberto Bellarmine, saintRobert
RoccoRocco Tanica, keyboard player; Rocco Hunt, rapper; Rocco Papaleo, actor
RomeoRomeo Gigli, fashion designer; Romeo Beckham, model; Romeo Santos, singer
SamueleSamuele Bersani, singer; Samuele Longo, soccer playerSamuel
SaverioSaverio Costanzo, film director; Saverio Indrio, actor; Saverio Raimondo, comedianXavier
SebastianoSebastiano del Piombo, painter; Sebastiano Esposito, soccer player; Sebastiano Mauri, actorSebastian
SergioSergio Perez, racecar driver; Sergio Garcia, golfer; Sergio Leone, film director; Sergio Mattarella, Italian PresidentSergius
SimoneSimone Rugiati, chef; Simone Moro, alpinistSimon
StefanoStefano Gabbana, fashion designer; Stefano Montanari, writerSteven
TeodoroTeodoro Giambanco, actorTheodore
TommasoTommaso d’Aquino, philosopher; Tommaso Paradiso, singerThomas
UgoUgo Foscolo, writer; Ugo Bologna, actor; Ugo Borghetti, musicianHugh
ValentinoValentino Rossi, motorcycle racer; Valentino, fashion designerValentine
VincenzoVincenzo Nibali, cyclist; Vincenzo Montella, soccer player; Vincenzo Gambi, pirate; Vincenzo Bellini, composerVictor
VittorioVittorio Emanuele II, king of Italy; Vittorio Monti, composer; Vittorio de Sica, directorVictor
ZenoZeno of Elea, philosopherZeus
Baby boy in tank top crawling in grass toward the camera.
  1. Leonardo
  2. Alessandro
  3. Tommaso
  4. Francesco
  5. Lorenzo
  6. Edoardo
  7. Mattia
  8. Riccardo
  9. Gabriele
  10. Andrea
  11. Diego
  12. Matteo
  13. Nicolò
  14. Giuseppe
  15. Antonio
  16. Federico
  17. Pietro
  18. Samuele
  19. Giovanni
  20. Filippo

*latest data available on ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics)

31. Leo
42. Luca
87. Leonardo

*latest data available on SSA (Social Security Administration)

Things to Think About When Choosing An Italian Boy Name

Things To Think About – Masculine vs Feminine Names in Italy

Baby boy in grey stroller on a gravel path in the Dolomites mountains in Italy.  He's smiling, wearing a bucket hat, and playing with a dragonfly toy.

Some Italian baby boy names end in -a. For example, Andrea is a boy’s name in Italy, but in the United States, it’s usually a girl’s name.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose the name, but it’s something to be aware of. Outside of Italy, many parents are choosing gender-neutral names or names that are traditionally given to the opposite sex (think James or Ryan for a girl or Charlie for either sex).

It’s more difficult to choose a gender-neutral Italian name, as most names end in -a (feminine) or -o (masculine).

Typical Endings for Italian Names

EndingFeminine or MasculineMasculine Examples
-aUsually Feminine, but can be MasculineAndrea, Elia, Luca, Mattia, Nicola
-oMasculineAntonio, Federico, Roberto, Tommaso, Vincenzo
-eBothEmanuele, Ettore, Leone, Raffaele, Simone
-iUsually Masculine, but can be FeminineGianni, Giovanni, Luigi, Neri, Ranieri
-consonantBoth, typically foreign originCristian, Walter

Things To Think About – Italian Naming Tradition

Italian nonno with Italian grandson

Some Italians still follow tradition in naming their children:

  • The first son is named after the paternal grandfather.
  • The first daughter is named after the paternal grandmother.
  • The second son is named after the maternal grandfather.
  • The second daughter is named after the maternal grandmother.

So, if Giovanni and Sara have a son, he will be named after Giovanni’s grandfather. If they have a second son, he will be named after Sara’s grandfather.

If they have a third son, they may choose to name him after a saint, the godparents, or another family member (like a favorite uncle).

As you can imagine, following this tradition, it’s easy to end up with a lot of family members with the same name. So, many Italians have nicknames.

Check out our posts on Italian Baby Traditions and Italian Naming Traditions!

Things To Think About – Nicknames in Italy

Most Italian names have a nickname and Italian friends and family will usually call you by your nickname.

There are a couple of types of nicknames (soprannomi) used in Italy – shortened names and descriptive names.

Things To Think About – Shortened Names For Your Baby Boy

Many Italian boy names are long, like Francesco, Lorenzo, Salvatore, Riccardo, Leonardo, Guglielmo. Rather than pronounce all syllables, friends and family will shorten the name.

For example:

  • Francesco – Checco
  • Filippo – Pippo
  • Mattia – Matti
  • Leonardo – Leo

Professors, doctors, and others who aren’t close to the boy will call him by his full name.

The shortened name is used verbally and rarely written.

Things To Think About – Descriptive Nicknames for Your Baby Boy

tiny Italian baby boy's foot in mom's hand

Remember the Italian naming tradition and how many have the same name? Rather than having five Matteo Ferraris in the neighborhood, you may find each Matteo has a descriptive nickname.

For example:

  • Tesoro – treasure
  • Piccolino – tiny
  • Pulcino – little chick
  • Topolino – little mouse
  • Ciccio – chubby

Things To Think About – Where You’ll Be Living With Your Baby

Baby boy holding a small globe.

If you’re choosing an Italian name for your baby boy, think about how the name will be pronounced where you live.

Difficult spellings aren’t fun for parents or children. While Vittorio is easily spelled in Italy, it can be confusing in the United States (“Victorio?” “Vittorrio?”).

If you’re living in a Spanish-speaking area, remember that certain letters and sounds are pronounced differently. For example, Gianmarco is pronounced with a hard ‘G,’ as “jon-MAR-co,” versus a soft ‘G’ in Spanish.

Certain names (like Leonardo) are pronounced differently, depending on where you are located. In Italian, it’s pronounced “lay-oh-NAR-do,” while in the United States it’s “lee-oh-nar-do.” If the way it’s pronounced where you live bothers you, choose a different name or be prepared to correct the pronunciation or just deal with it.

Things To Think About – Your Italian Baby Boy Name in Pop Culture

If it’s important to you, research baby boy names in the context of pop culture where you’ll be raising your little guy.

For example, in Italy, Fabio and Guido are beautiful and common name choices, but to some people in the United States, Fabio brings to mind a long-haired cheesy model and Guido recalls wild Italian-American teens.

Things To Think About – Name Day (Onomastico)

Painting of St. Mark in Turin, Italy.
Marco’s onomastico is April 25th

Some Italians also celebrate their onomastico, or name day, which is a day that celebrates a particular saint.

The name day is celebrated more in the south, and by religious families. It is celebrated less and less by the younger generations.

But, it can be a fun excuse to celebrate, especially if your little boy’s name day is during a different part of the year. For example, if your son Lupo is born in December, you can celebrate his summer onomastico on July 27th.

FAQ About Italian Baby Boy Names

What are the most popular baby boy names in Italy in the past few years?

Leonardo has been the #1 name in Italy from 2018 – 2021, knocking Francesco from the top spot. Alessandro, Lorenzo, Mattia and Andrea all continue to be among the top choices for Italian male babies in the past 7 years.

Did you follow Italian naming tradition?

No, we did not follow tradition when naming our three boys. Our extended family doesn’t follow this tradition, so we didn’t feel pressured to use family or saints’ names for our children. We chose names we love and that are meaningful to us as their parents.

Our naming story:
When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, I immediately started brainstorming Italian baby boy names and baby girl names.
My husband was insistent on giving our Italian child an Italian name. Since we live in Italy, I agreed.
I started looking up Italian baby names and fell in love with beautiful Italian girl names like Carolina, Olivia, and Eleonora. Soon after, we found out we were having a little baby boy! I put my beloved baby girl names list aside and began focusing on researching Italian baby boy names, both modern and historical.

We knew we wanted an Italian baby boy name that worked well in the US and in most other countries. It also had to pass the pronunciation test with my parents. This meant Italian baby boy names like Guglielmo (William, in English) were out.

After many hours, lists, and discussions, each time we found a name we loved. We’re very happy with the names we ended up with for our three little guys (and they’re all on the list)!

How do I choose an Italian male name to fit with my surname?

The most important thing to think about is separating the first name from the last name. This can be difficult if your surname begins with a vowel, since most Italian given names end in a vowel. For example, Marco Olson is difficult to separate.

What are some unique Italian baby boy names?

There aren’t any! True Italian names are very traditional. Italians don’t create names or change spellings of names.

School classrooms where we live are full of little Italian boys named Lorenzo and Francesco. That’s not to say some Italians aren’t choosing less traditional (non-Italian) names. My sons have Italian friends named Liam and Benjamin.

What are some rare Italian baby boy names?

Like most countries, names have their cycles, so boy names that were popular ten years ago lose their luster until they become popular again decades later.

In 2023, some ‘rare’ Italian boy names include: Agostino, Angelico, Ascanio, Camillo, Goffredo, Gualtiero, Guistino, Orlando, Tito, and Zaccaria.