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Boys playing on shore of pebbly beach with mountains in the background in Riva del Garda on Lake Garda in Italy.

Lake Garda Beaches We Love (With Photos & Map)

If you’re planning your trip to Lake Garda and you want to fit in some beach time, you’re probably wondering where to go.  After all, the shore of Lake Garda is around 100 miles long! 

I too was once in your position, but after visiting Lake Garda multiple times, I have some suggestions for you. 

These are our favorite Lake Garda beaches, but don’t let that stop you from exploring – there are so many! 

I know that it’s nice to have some ‘sure bets’ in your pocket, so let’s take a look at the Lake Garda beaches we love to visit.

For each beach, I’ve included:

  • The access town
  • Where to park and how to get to the beach
  • The type of beach (rocky slabs, pebbles, etc)
  • Amenities
  • If it’s kid-friendly

Note:  These are beaches that we have visited and enjoyed.  I haven’t included beaches we visited but wouldn’t return to.  I hope our firsthand experience with these Lake Garda beaches helps you find one perfect for you!

Map of Lake Garda Beaches

Jamaica Beach (Sirmione)

Child walking in clear, shallow water at the beach in Lake Garda, Italy.
My kids playing in the shallow water at Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach (Spiaggia Giamaica) is one of Lake Garda’s most popular beaches, but there’s plenty of space so you’ll be able to find a spot to enjoy the turquoise water on the northern tip of Sirmione. 

Access Town: Sirmione

Parking and Getting to the Beach:  We visited by public transport (bus), but you can park in a few pay lots just before the main bridge that leads to the center.  Rather than walking the entire 1.5 kilometers to the beach, you can catch the little tourist train (trenino) for a kilometer – hop on in Piazza Don Piatti (marked on the map above as ‘Little Train to Grotte/Jamaica Beach’).  It’s less than 2€ and is super helpful if you have kids or tired legs!

Type of Beach: Rocky slabs; calm, clear, shallow water

Amenities: Toilet, beach bar (also one at the top of the hill before you walk down the path), umbrellas and beach chairs available to rent

Kid-Friendly:  Yes – I’ve visited with my three boys (including a toddler) and they loved it.  It’s shallow, the water is clear, and there’s plenty of space.  However, I don’t recommend walking down the dirt path to the beach with a stroller (I did but it wasn’t easy).  And, tell you kids not to run because the slabs can be slippery and do not feel great if you fall!

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Spiaggia Lido delle Bionde (Sirmione)

Kids playing at the beach in Sirmione, Italy.
My boys looking for fish at Spiaggia delle Bionde
Beach umbrellas and loungers line a pebbly beach on Lake Garda on a sunny day.
You can rent beach umbrellas and lounge chairs

Another favorite of ours in Sirmione, Spiaggia delle Bionde is on the eastern side of town and it’s an easy place to while away an afternoon.

Access Town: Sirmione

Parking and Getting to the Beach:  See Jamaica Beach above.  Once you’re in Sirmione, walk through the center to you’ll follow signs for ‘lido pubblico.’ 

Type of Beach: Pebbles and rocky slabs; calm, clear, shallow water

Amenities: Toilet, beach bar and restaurant, umbrellas and beach chairs available to rent

Kid-Friendly:  Yes.  My boys loved the little pools and looking for the small fish.  The water is shallow and clear.  You can bring your stroller (but there’s a quick, steep downhill just before you get to the beach).  The path to the free area gets narrow, but you can find plenty of places to make your ‘base.’  The toilet is up some steps so you can’t bring your stroller up.   If you’re trying to decide between this beach and Jamaica with your little ones – Jamaica is more beautiful but this beach is easier with kids and they were more entertained with the fish and building things with the pebbles and stones.  It’s also easier to access.

Good To Know:  If you don’t want to use the beach club, walk past it and you’ll reach the free beach area.  You can set your things in the olive grove above the beach (shade) or find a spot in the pebbles along the path.

Riva del Garda Beach (Riva del Garda)

Boys play with pebbles on the shore of Lake Garda. You can see mountains in the background and people in boats on the water.
My boys playing at the beach in Riva del Garda

If you want to have the action of a city with a gorgeous beach setting, head to Riva del Garda!  This beach at the top of Lake Garda has a dramatic setting in the mountains and it’s easy to combine it with a visit to the lively city.

Access Town: Riva del Garda

Parking and Getting to the Beach:  We parked in the Parcheggio Area Ex Cattaoi and walked on the path to the beach (600 meters).

Type of Beach: Pebbles; clear water that’s shallow but does get deeper quickly

Amenities: Toilet, bars and restaurants in the vicinity

Kid-Friendly:  Yes.  There are a lot of kids that play and swim here, so it’s a fun place to make friends.  You can bring your stroller on the path and park it (we saw tons of other strollers).  The water is shallow at the shore.  You can easily combine the beach with a walk along the shore or to the marina to see the boats or the nearby playgrounds (I’ve marked our favorite on the map). 

Good To Know:  The Spiaggia Sabbioni is adjacent to the Riva del Garda beach – they feel like one big beach.

If your kids like Riva’s beach and you love the scenery, you should check out Lake Molveno

Lazise Beach

A few people sunbathe at a small pebbly beach on Lake Garda in Italy.
Lazise’s beach north of town

Lazise has a couple of beach options – to the north and south of the city center.  The southern beach is definitely the most popular option – it’s larger and fills up quickly.  The little beach north of town is tiny, but beautiful (and we preferred it).

Access Town: Lazise

Parking and Getting to the Beach:  We parked in the lot next to the walls on Via Bastia (access it from the main road – SR249, marked on the map above).

Type of Beach: Pebbles; clear, shallow water

Amenities: Toilet and small bar (buy something to use the toilet)

Kid-Friendly:  Yes.  You can use your stroller along the paved lakeside path.  This is also a perfect stop for a swim if you decide to rent bikes and cycle along the lakeside path.  My boys loved the small area and walking out on the jetties.

Peschiera del Garda Beaches

People sitting on a pebbly beach on a sunny day. There are colorful beach umbrellas.
One of the many beaches near Peschiera del Garda

I don’t have one particular beach in mind, as we’ve dabbled in so many of the beaches in the vicinity of Peschiera del Garda and they all seem to blend together.  These are the least spectacular beaches on this list, but we often end up here as we like to base ourselves in or around Peschiera del Garda.

Access Town: Peschiera del Garda

Parking and Getting to the Beach:  You can park in Peschiera or visit these beaches on foot if you’re staying in the area (like we do).

Type of Beach: Pebbles; clear water that’s shallow but does get deep fairly quickly in some areas

Amenities: Toilet, bars and restaurants in the vicinity.  If there’s not one at the beach you’re at, there’s one a short walk away. 

Kid-Friendly:  Yes.  There’s a beachside path that’s perfect for strollers and the water is shallow.  There are some areas with large rocks – just avoid those and move to another beach with pebbles.  Sometimes you’ll see ducks or swans in the water.  These beaches are walking distance to Peschiera, a super family-friendly town.  And, you’re close to Gardaland!

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Torri del Benaco Beach

Boy in red shirt on pebbly shore of Lake Garda. He's looking out at the boats on the lake.
My son checking out the scene at the Torri del Benaco beach

Torri del Benaco is a charming village on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, and its beach is small but beautiful.  It’s the perfect place to relax with a book and enjoy the views before checking out Torri del Benaco.

Access Town: Torri del Benaco

Parking and Getting to the Beach:  We parked in the small parking garage at Via Mazzini, 23.  But, you could also park in the huge parking lot at the southern part of the town and walk on the lakeside path and through the town center to get to the beach (15-20 minutes).

Type of Beach: Pebbles; clear water that’s shallow at the shore

Amenities: Toilet, bar and restaurants (over-the-water)

Kid-Friendly:  Yes!  The free beach is easy to access with a stroller via the path and the water is shallow at the edge.  You can also walk a few minutes along the lake towards the center of Torri del Benaco to one of our favorite playgrounds in the area (and there’s a little snack bar and toilets there too).

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Tips for Going to the Beach at Lake Garda

Three boys and father play at the edge of the water on a pebbly beach at sunset on Lake Garda in Italy.
My family playing at one of Peschiera del Garda’s beaches
  • Lake Garda’s beaches are typically ‘free’ beaches.  Sometimes you can rent a beach umbrella or sun lounger, but these cases are rare.  Grab your spot, put your towel down, and go for a swim!
  • Bring water shoes if you have sensitive feet.  The beaches of Lake Garda are mostly pebbles or small stones.  You will find the occasional ‘sandy’ beach, like the one south of the Lazise historic center.
  • Bring snacks and water.  Most of the beaches don’t have restaurants or cafés on-site (although you will find them sometimes).  I always try to have panini or snacks (fruit, potato chips) and water, just in case.
  • Expect crowds, especially during the summer.   If you’re imagining having the beach to yourself, Lake Garda isn’t the place for you.  We had the Parco Baia delle Sirene on our itinerary, but we ended up skipping it when we saw the line of cars waiting to get into the parking area.  Note:  If you really want to go, reserve the (pricey) beach club. 
  • Don’t expect beachfront parking.  We’ve found you often have to park and walk 5-10 mintues to get to the beach.  So, if you’ve got a lot of stuff (or kids), plan ahead!  For us, that means bringing an umbrella stroller or paring down what we bring (so mamma can carry it all).
  • Check the water temperature for when you’d like to visit.  As a general rule, the temperature of the water in Lake Garda in the summer is between 17-26° C (about 63-79° F) at the surface of the lake, depending on where you are.  I have been swimming in Lake Garda as early as the first week of June and have been totally comfortable in the water (and I’m kind of a cold water weenie).  At certain shallow beaches (like Jamaica beach), the water is warm and feels great!
  • You can’t swim everywhere!  There are a lot of places on the shore with large rocks that make it not swim-friendly, like this area south of Bardolino:
Wooden boardwalk on the edge of Lake Garda. Ferry in the water and town in the background on the right.
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