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Diapers in Italy – Brands, Sizing and Where to Buy Them

Updated on November 10, 2023

As a mom of three, I know when you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, you need to figure out the diaper (aka nappy) situation. 

If you’ve got a baby or toddler, and you’re planning a trip to Italy, you’re probably asking yourself questions like:

Do I bring diapers from home?

How many diapers do I need?

Where do I buy diapers in Italy?

Will the Italian diapers fit my baby?

Which size diapers do I need to buy in Italy?

Where can I change my baby’s diaper in Italy?

Don’t worry – just keep reading!  I’ll answer these questions and more so that you’ll feel tranquilla about your diaper situation for your Italy trip.  In this article, I’ll be focusing on disposable diapers (vs. cloth diapers).

Good To Know:  In general, Italians potty train later than the US and the UK.  Italians have a more relaxed attitude about letting the child decide when it’s time to ‘use the big boy potty.’  This means that you’ll find diapers of all sizes (even large ones) throughout Italy.

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Bringing Diapers on Your Flight to Italy

I recommend bringing 1 diaper per hour of travel time (door to door).  Yes, if you’re on a transatlantic flight, that’s a lot of diapers.  But, you won’t want to be without them.  It’s good to have extras for possible delays, reroutes or extended layovers.

Depending on what time and which day you arrive in Italy, stores may not be open.  So, it’s nice to have some spare diapers for your arrival day and at least the next morning.  These extras can be packed away in a checked bag.  If you pack enough in your carry-on (the 1 per hour mentioned above plus a few extras), you won’t need to worry if your checked bag is delayed.

Should You Bring Diapers From Home?

Unless you really need a specific brand or style of diaper from home (for example, your baby has very sensitive skin), just buy them here in Italy!  They may be slightly more expensive than what you pay for them at home, but diapers are bulky and they’re easy to find here!

We have many of the same brands of diapers that you have in your home country. 

Diaper Brands, Sizes and Types in Italy

Pampers diapers can be found in Italy.  One of the styles is Pampers Progressi.
Pampers brand mutandino style – like pull ups in the US

Diaper Brands in Italy

We’ve got some of the more well-known brands here in Italy as well as smaller Italian brands.  Note that the major brands won’t necessarily have the same style (or name) of diapers that you have in your home country.

  • Huggies – Ultra Comfort (for babies on the move), Extra Care (classic diapers), Unistar (great for overnight)
  • Pampers – Progressi (premium, thin, great for walkers), Baby Dry (bulkier but work well), Sole e Luna, Protezione Pura
  • Trudi
  • Eco by Naty
  • Babylino
  • Bambo Nature
  • Grocery Store brands – Coop, Carrefour and other large grocery store chains
  • Lillydoo – online only (Amazon.it and Lillydoo.it)
  • Mama Bear – Amazon brand (available on Amazon.it)

Diaper Sizing in Italy

Italian diapers are sized by kg (kilogram).  Different brands have different sizing charts, and even different styles within a brand can have different sizing charts. 

For example:
Huggies Ultra Comfort Mutandine (pull ups) size 6  are 15-25kg
Huggies Unistar Mutandine (pull ups) size 6 are 15-30kg

Here are the sizing charts for two commonly used diapers in Italy:

Pampers Progressi Size Chart


Huggies Extra Care Size Chart


Good To Know:  Know your baby’s weight in kilograms so when you’re shopping for diapers, you can quickly see which size he or she will need.

If you measure weight in pounds, use this equation to determine your baby’s weight in kg:

1 KG = 2.2 LB or 1 LB = 0.454 KG

So, a 10kg baby weighs 22lb. And a 28lb baby weighs 12.7kg.

Good To Know:  Don’t buy a huge package before trying the size on your baby.  Why not? One of my children wore size 6 Pampers (15-25kg) at 11kg because his waist was too large for the size 5 diapers.

Types of Diapers Available in Italy

Classic diapers – pannolini

Pull ups – mutandine (usually sold for size 4 and up)

Reusable/cloth diapers – pannolini riutilizzabili

Swim diapers – pannolini costumini

Organic Diapers in Italy

In Italy, we use the term biologico for organic. 

You’ll also see diapers labeled naturale (natural) or biodegradibile (biodegradable), but these don’t mean the diapers are organic.  They may contain natural ingredients (or a certain percentage) or biodegradable ingredients.

Where to Buy Diapers in Italy

The main places to buy diapers in Italy are at grocery stores or pharmacies.  Grocery stores are usually the least expensive option, while pharmacies are usually the most conveniently located in city centers.

Good To Know:  More and more chains are popping up around Italy like Caddy, which sells toiletries and home cleaning products.  You’ll find diapers in shops like these too.

Grocery Stores / Supermarkets

The best place to buy diapers is at the grocery store, and preferably at a large store. You’ll typically find a large selection of diapers – brands and sizes.

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You’ll also find diapers at pharmacies, although the selection can be limited and prices are usually higher than at the supermarket.

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Baby Stores

Most large cities have one or more baby-focused stores. Some of the larger chains are:

  • Prenatal
  • Chicco
  • Ideal Bimbo

These stores will have a good selection of diapers (and other baby products!), but usually at a higher price than grocery stores.


Amazon.it (Amazon Italy) has an excellent range of diapers available.  You can order them and have them sent directly to your accommodation (hotel, apartment, agriturismo, etc.). 

Good To Know: If you decide to do this, check with your accommodation about which address to use and whether or not you need to be present to receive the delivery.  Sometimes you’ll have your package delivered to a nearby bar or business.

Online prices are competitive and the selection is great.  

Where to Change Baby’s Diaper in Italy

Ok, so you’ve got the diapers. Where are you supposed to change your baby?! Compared to your home country, you’ll probably be disappointed in Italy’s bathrooms – there often isn’t a changing table or a place to change a diaper. 

You’ll need to get creative with how you change your baby!

Bring a reusable (or disposable) changing pad and change your baby:

  • On park benches
  • In the stroller
  • On your lap
  • In the back of your rental car
  • On the ground

Don’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.  You’ll see Italians doing the same thing because they’re in the same situation. 

If you really want or need a changing table and private space, try the bathrooms at:

How to Dispose of Dirty Diapers in Italy

Don’t recycle them or put them in the umido (food scraps, moist waste)

Soiled diapers need to go in the normal trash, or indifferenziato. 

Good To Know:  I carry a small garbage bag or Ziploc bag with me because sometimes finding a trash can in Italy can be a major feat.

Diaper Products and Accessories in Italy

Assortment of Italian diapers, wipes, and diaper cream.
These are some of the diapers and baby we’re using at the moment in our Italian house

Along with diapers, you may need to find other diaper products while you’re here in Italy. You can find them in the same stores you find diapers.

Diaper Cream – We’ve got a selection of brands.  Some of the most popular are Fissan, Mustela, Weleda, BabyGella, Hipp Baby, Bepanthenol, and Linea Bimbi.

Wipes – Huggies and Pampers are the most popular brands, but you’ll also find other brands (WaterWipes, Hipp Baby, Fria Baby, Fissan, Babylino, and more).  Make sure you get salviette for babies and not sanitizing wipes or intimo wipes (women’s hygiene).

Changing pads – If you didn’t bring a reusable changing pad, you can buy disposable changing pads next to the diapers.  If the store you’re at doesn’t have them, you can buy something similar (a little bit bigger) in the women’s section (menstruation and incontinence products) of the grocery store or pharmacy.

Italian Diaper Vocabulary

mutandinapull-up diaper
pannolino riutilizzabilereusable (often cloth) diaper
pannolino costuminoswim diaper
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5+, 6+uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, cinque più, sei più
crema pannolinodiaper cream
Dov’è…?Where is…?

Diapers in Italy FAQ

Are Pampers diapers sold in Italy?

Yes, Pampers are for sale throughout Italy.  It’s the most common diaper brand in Italy.   The two main versions are Pampers Progressi and Pampers Baby-Dry.

Can I buy nappies at the airport in Italy?

You can find nappies at some airports, but not all.  You’ll most likely find them in a pharmacy or small market.  The selection will be limited (most likely Pampers).

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