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Italy Packing List for a Baby or Toddler

Updated on November 7, 2023

If you’re traveling to Italy with a baby or toddler, your Italy packing list will be much longer than if you were traveling with just adults or even with older children.

We’ve traveled extensively throughout Italy with babies and toddlers.  I use the baby packing list for a baby or toddler that is listed below. I’ve also given it to friends who need an Italy packing list for their families.

I know that packing for any family trip can be stressful.  The good news is, if you forget anything, you can buy it here in Italy. 

I do recommend bringing things that your baby or toddler prefers from home – including comfort blankets, shoes, favorite toys, body products, and baby formula. 

While you can buy these items here, it’s easier to come prepared with familiar items.  You never know if the lotion you buy here will irritate your baby’s skin or if your baby will reject the Italian brands of formula. 

Good To Know:  I’ve also included a section on what NOT to pack.  Sometimes this is just as helpful as the packing list!

You can print this Italy Packing List for a Baby or Toddler or just use it as a starting point for creating your own list for your baby or toddler.  I keep my list as a note on my iPhone and check items off as I pack.  I then edit the list post-trip and re-use it the next time we travel.

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Italy Packing List – Important Documents


Copy of Birth Certificate – In the countless trips I’ve made with children around Italy and to/from Italy, I’ve never been asked for it. But, some moms I know here have been stopped at immigration in Europe and asked for a copy of the birth certificate and note from the father (if he’s not traveling with them).  So, I always carry these items just in case.

Travel Insurance Policy & Contact Info

Visa (if required)

Printed copy of ETIAS beginning in 2024 – if needed (Note: ETIAS is electronic, so the printed copy is your backup)

Allergy translation card – If your child is celiac, allergic to certain medications, etc.

Italy Packing List – Baby Gear

Two boys sitting in a double stroller on a pedestrian street in Italy.
Snack time in Tuscany

Stroller – Italy (and Europe) has plenty of gorgeous cobblestone streets that aren’t exactly stroller-friendly.  Make sure your stroller has big enough wheels to cushion your baby or toddler from the bumps.  If you’re bringing a stroller with air-filled tires, bring extra tubes, because the exact sizes can be tough to find here.

You’ll want to bring a stroller that folds easily if you’ll be using public transport.

Don’t bring a side-by-side double stroller.  Sidewalks are too narrow, and it won’t fit through the doorways of shops. You’ll also have trouble finding a place by a table in restaurants. 

Make sure your stroller reclines.  You’ll want your baby to be able to nap in the stroller while you’re out exploring.

What I Use In Italy: I bring a double stroller (City Select Lux with the bench seat) if we’ll be walking a lot one of my other children may need a ride.  I also use it if we’re covering a lot of ground, if I know my baby will need to sleep (it reclines and is comfortable), or if I need the large storage space underneath during the day. 

Is my double stroller large/long – absolutely.  Does it stop me from going anywhere – not at all.  You can enter almost anywhere – the Colosseum, the Uffizi, in restaurants, on ferries and trains.  If a stroller isn’t allowed (like at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City), there will be a place for you to check it outside. 

For quick trips, I use a sturdy umbrella stroller (Inglesina, similar to the Quid).  The wheels are smaller, so they aren’t super comfortable on cobblestones.

Other strollers I see often are the BabyZen YOYO and the Baby Jogger smaller strollers like the City Mini GT2.

If you’re traveling in a rainy period, you may want to bring a rain cover or attachable umbrella.  If you’re checking your stroller, make sure you pack it in a protective stroller bag.

Read more about Strollers in Italy

Baby carrier – Helpful to have in towns with a lot of stairs or in crowded museums; we use an Ergobaby Omni 360.  I like that baby can face forward (at a certain weight) in this carrier – there’s so much to see and take in on a trip to Italy!  Don’t forget the infant insert if you have an infant or small baby.  If you’re visiting in the summer, think about bringing a carrier with a mesh lining to help keep baby cooler.

Car seat – If you’ll be renting a car, bring your own (plus travel bag) or rent one with your car. Learn more in our article on Car Seats in Italy.

Bag with a zipper to carry diapers and baby supplies while you’re out.  I have used a diaper bag in the past but currently use a small Fjallraven backpack.

Comfort objects – It could be a blanket, a nightlight, a teether, a pacifier, or a special toy

Muslin Blanket – All-purpose blanket, sunshade, nursing cover, scarf, swaddle blanket, etc.

Italy Packing List – Toiletries and Health

Boys playing in the sand at the beach in Tuscany.
Beach time in Versilia with my boys

If you forget something or run out of something, you can buy toiletries at the pharmacy and grocery store.  We buy basic toiletries (including organic) at the grocery store.  You’ll find nicer sunscreens at the pharmacy, as well as baby body products, diapers, and toys (but they’re more expensive).

Lotion – One that works with your baby’s skin

Sunscreen – It’s very expensive here, but we do have some excellent sunscreens for kids available at pharmacies (La Roche-Posay, Avène, Bionike). I order Baby Bum online but haven’t seen it in pharmacies or stores here.

Body soap – One that works with your baby’s skin

Baby shampoo

Disinfecting wipes – Just enough for the plane trip.

Hand sanitizer

Small packs of tissues – Enough for the plane and the first couple of days.  I always carry a pack or two because bathrooms often don’t have toilet paper.  Of course, you can use wipes too (but don’t flush them).

First aid kit – I carry the basics like Bandaids, Antiseptic wipes, Neosporin, Baby Tylenol, a thermometer

Medicines – baby pain and fever medication, prescription medication

Brush or comb

Hair clips, bands, or bows

Baby toothbrush and toothpaste

Nail clippers

NoseFrida (snot sucker) – Helpful tool during cold season.

Italy Packing List – Diapers and Potty-Training

Diapers – I pack one per hour for the plane trip and enough for at least the first day or two, so you’re not stressed about getting to a store.  Why so many diapers for the plane?  In case of delays, you’ll have some extra.

Wipes – for the plane trip and the first couple of days

Diaper cream

Toilet seat covers – bring disposable covers (instead of a plastic cover).  The plastic travel covers don’t fit on some Italian toilet seats (and sometimes there isn’t a proper toilet seat).

Changing pad or disposable changing pads

Learn more in our post on Diapers in Italy – Brands, Sizes, and Where to Buy Them!

Italy Packing List – Clothing

Mother kneeling next to stroller and son in Merano, Italy.
Soaking up the summer heat in Merano

Baby clothes for the season.   The individual items you pack will depend on how you normally dress your baby or toddler and the weather.  Venice in the winter is quite different from Rome in the summer! Be sure to check the weather close to your departure date. 

Some places in Italy have chilly evenings in the summer, and temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day.  Layering is key!

As far as the number of items you need to bring, it will depend on how long you’re traveling, if you’ll have access to a washer/dryer, and how messy your baby or toddler tends to be.

Onesies (long- and short-sleeve)

Shirts (long- and short-sleeve)

Fleeces or sweaters

Pants, shorts



Hat (sun hat or warm hat)


Underwear (if potty-trained)


Sleep sack (weight/tog depends on weather)

Drool bibs

Close-toed shoes with good tread for walkers

Read my Tips for Choosing Kids Shoes for Italy

Italy Packing List – Nursing and Feeding

General Feeding Supplies

Baby sippy cup or water bottle

Small spoon – You can always get little coffee spoons at restaurants and bars, but you’ll want to have one handy for other moments.

Breastfeeding Supplies

Nursing pads

Breast pump – Make sure it works with Italian 230V or use a hand-pump


Bottle Brush

Travel size dish soap

Travel bottle drying rack

Nursing cover – If you want to use one (not necessary)

Formula-feeding Supplies



Bottle brush

Travel size dish soap

Travel bottle drying rack

Italy Packing List – Destination-Specific Items

Mother pushing son in a stroller in Northern Sardegna.
Walking to the beach in Sardegna

Baby and Toddler Beach Items

If you’re heading to a bagno – an Italian beach club (which I highly recommend with a baby or toddler), you don’t need to worry about bringing an umbrella or beach chair.  You can rent those and other basic items, and use the facilities – showers, changing cabins, bars and restaurants, play areas, and more.

Swimsuit or swim diapers

Muslin blanket or thin towel

Sun hat

Rash guard if your baby or toddler wears one

Water shoes if your walker already uses them

Sunglasses if your baby or toddler will wear them

Baby and Toddler Mountain Items


Baby backpack – We’ve used a Deuter Kid Comfort for all three of our kids.


Two boys looking at goats at a petting zoo in Tuscany, Italy.
My boys at the Pistoia Zoo in Tuscany

Baby-proofing equipment – most accommodation won’t be baby-proofed; you’ll probably need to buy outlet covers here (make sure you get small ones that fit in recessed outlets)

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Small, collapsible umbrella – You can buy umbrellas here but they’re either inexpensive and low-quality (as in last one day quality) or expensive and overpriced.  I recommend bringing a small one from home. 

Laundry bag

A little bit of laundry soap – One that works with your baby’s skin.  Or, buy organic brands here.  Note that natural doesn’t always mean organic.  Organic here in Italy is bio or biologico.

Tablet or iPad – With kids’ shows and apps already downloaded.  Helpful if you’re planning on going on a road trip in Italy.

Ziploc bags – They’re tough to find here and come in handy while traveling with a baby or toddler (snacks, soiled or wet clothing).

Packing cubes – I have the same set of Eagle Creek cubes that I bought over 20 years ago.  The style has been updated a little bit, but they’re basically the same.  I pack by outfits for babies and toddlers and I use them for the entire family.

Italy Packing List – What NOT to Pack

Baby bassinet or travel crib – It’s too challenging to travel around Italy with the bulk of a bassinet or crib.  And you don’t need to!  Just check in with your accommodation – I’ve never had a problem renting a baby crib.  Sometimes it’s a simple Pack-n-Play.  You may find bumper pads – just remove them while your baby sleeps in the crib.

Baby wipes case

Travel bath tub

Travel play mat – You can put a blanket (for padding) underneath the muslin blanket you’re packing.

White Noise Machine – Use an app on your phone or listen to white noise on YouTube or a music service (Spotify, Amazon Music, etc).

Crib Bedding


Beach toys – Buy them in Italy at beach shops. 

Insect Repellent – Buy it in Italy at the grocery store or pharmacy.

Baby Food – Besides what you need for the plane trip and the first day, don’t pack your suitcase full of baby food!  Italy has an excellent variety of baby food in jars or pouches.  You can also find organic (bio or biologico) baby food here.

I hope this Italy packing list for a baby or toddler helps you prepare for your family trip to bella Italia!

Don’t forget to download our Italy With a Baby or Toddler Packing List!

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