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Birds eye view of a Thanksgiving table with a roasted turkey, corn on the cob, whole pumpkins, apples, cranberries, and squash.

How Do You Say Happy Thanksgiving In Italian?

Updated on November 7, 2023

The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday celebrates the harvest and blessings of the year.  It’s a national holiday in the United States and one of the most beloved celebrations for many people.  It brings families together and includes an amazing meal!

While Thanksgiving isn’t an official holiday in Italy, more and more Italians are joining in on the festivities with their American expat friends and family.  Traditional Thanksgiving meals are given an Italian twist in home kitchens or restaurants.

If you’re invited to a Thanksgiving dinner in Italy, you’ll want to know how to greet your hosts.  How do you say Happy Thanksgiving in Italian?” Read on to find out!

How To Say Happy Thanksgiving

In Italian, ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ is buona festa del ringraziamento

It translates to ‘Happy Feast of Thanksgiving’ or ‘Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.’ 

Breaking it down:

buona – good
festa – feast or holiday
il ringraziamento – thanks or Thanksgiving

Putting it all together, you get ‘good holiday of thanks,’ or buona + festa + del (of the) ringraziamento.

Buona festa del ringraziamento!

The literal translation of Happy Thanksgiving is felice ringraziamento, but this isn’t used for the Thanksgiving holiday greeting.

Additional Ways To Say Happy Thanksgiving In Italian

While buona festa del ringraziamento is the most common expression used, you may also hear other phrases used.

ItalianPronunciationEnglish translation
buon giorno del ringraziamento happy day of thanksgiving
buon ringraziamento Happy Thanksgiving
buon giorno del tacchino Happy Turkey Day
buona festa Happy Holiday
vi auguro un felice giorno del ringraziamento I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving
felice giorno del ringraziamento a tutti Happy Thanksgiving to all

How To Say Happy Thanksgiving In Italian – Dad Joke

Q:  How do you say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Italian?
A:  “Happy Thanksgiving in Italian.”

Q:  Come si dice “Happy Thanksgiving” in italiano?
A: “Happy Thanksgiving in italiano.”

When To Say Happy Thanksgiving To Someone In Italian

Birdseye view of six people toasting their glasses of red and white wine next to a roasted turkey
Toast the evening (‘cin cin’) with ‘buona festa del ringraziamento’

While Thanksgiving in the US is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month, in Italy it may also be celebrated on Saturday or Sunday after the official Thanksgiving holiday.  Why?  It isn’t an Italian holiday so adults will be at work and children will be at school on Thursday.  The Thanksgiving meal requires a lot of preparation and the celebration may feel rushed on Thursday evening. 

You should use your buona festa del ringraziamento greeting:

  • When you arrive at someone’s house on Thanksgiving
  • During the celebration (for example, to begin or end a toast)
  • When you leave the Thanksgiving celebration

How To Reply To Someone Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving in Italy

If someone wishes you a Buona Festa del Ringraziamento, you can reply with:

ItalianPronunciationEnglish translation
Grazie! Thank you!
Grazie, anche a te! Thank you, and to you too! (one person)
Grazie, anche a voi! Thank you, and to you too! (more than one person)
Grazie, anche a Lei! Thank you, and to you too! (formal, one person)
Grazie, altrettanto! Thank you, same to you!

Italian Thanksgiving Helpful Words To Know

ItalianPronunciationEnglish translation
i pellegrini Pilgrims
gli indigeni americani Native Americans
la barca boat
la Mayflower the Mayflower
il raccolto harvest
ringraziare to give thanks
il tacchino turkey
il ripieno stuffing
il purè mashed potatoes
il pane bread
il sugo dell’arrosto gravy
i mirtilli rossi cranberries
la torta di zucca pumpkin pie

How To Say Happy Thanksgiving In Italian & Other Languages Spoken In Italy

  • Italianbuon giorno del ringraziamento
  • Germanfröliches Thanksgiving (not the same as the German harvest festival of Erntedankfest)
  • Frenchjoyeux action de graces
  • Sicilianbona festa del ringraziamento
  • Arbëreshurime festën e haristisurit

Quotes About Gratitude In Italian

A happy man is one who wants what he has.  An unhappy man gets what he wants but never stops wanting.  -Vikrant Parsai
venice canal and buildings at sunset with gratitude quote, "piu pratichi l'arte della gratitudine, piu devi essere grato.
The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for. -Norman Vincent Peale
Reflect upon your present blessings – of which every man has many- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.  -Charles Dickens

What Sound Does A Turkey Make In Italian?

You might be surprised to know that Italian turkeys don’t say, “gobble, gobble.”  Instead, they say, “glu, glu.”

Now you’re ready for your Thanksgiving celebration!  Buona festa del ringraziamento!

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Happy Thanksgiving in Italian FAQ

Why is it ‘buona‘ and not ‘buonfesta del ringraziamento?

In the Italian language, the adjective’s gender must match the noun’s gender. The noun here is feminine (festa), so our adjective must also be feminine (buona). Italian feminine adjectives usually end in ‘a’ and sometimes end in ‘e.’ Masculine adjectives usually end in ‘o’ or no vowel, and sometimes end in ‘e.’

If another example, buon anno (Happy New Year), the noun is masculine (anno) so the adjective must also be masculine (here we use ‘buon‘ instead of ‘buona‘).

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