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Summer Camps in Italy

Are you traveling to Italy this summer and wondering if there are any summer camps your kids can participate in? Or maybe you’re an Italian resident and you’re exhausted searching for a summer camp for your child.

Unfortunately, most summer camps in Italy are advertised by word-of-mouth, paper flyers handed out at school or a few posters hung up around town.

Another mom and I were discussing how nice it would be to gather all the options in one place. So… here you go! This is by no means an exhaustive list – I’ll keep adding as I hear about more camps.

IMPORTANT: The list below is for camps that ran in the summer of 2022. I will update the camps for 2023 as I get the updated info. Many Italian summer camps wait until late spring to publish dates and info or publicize new offerings. Please check back in the spring!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not associated with any of these camps, and I don’t know them all personally. You’ll need to do your own research and due diligence.

If you’re planning on calling the camp, check out our post on How To Call Italy from the USA (or Canada).

If you have a camp you’d like to add to the list, please send it to candice [at] mominitaly [.] com and I’ll post it. Include the camp’s name, location, contact info, and anything else that’s nice to know about it. Grazie!

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Summer Camp in Italian

As you’re researching camps, you’ll see the term centro estivo. It’s the term for ‘summer camp’ in Italian. The plural is centri estivi.

How To Choose a Summer Camp in Italy

When looking at Italian summer camps, you’ll want to take note of:

  • Dates – Typically run in June, July, and August
  • Activities – Multiple or focused on one activity
  • Day or Overnight
  • Number of Campers
  • Ages – Are they grouped by age
  • Languages Spoken – English, Italian, both
  • Concentration of Activity – For example, if it’s a ‘basketball camp,’ do they play basketball all day, or just for an hour each morning?
  • Makeup of campers – Italian children, international children

Italy Summer Camp Activities

You’ll find a variety of activities at summer camps throughout the country, including:

  • soccer (calcio)
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • swimming
  • theatre
  • technology
  • academics
  • sailing
  • windsurfing
  • mixed activity
  • arts & crafts
  • science
  • Italian language
  • English language

Italy-Wide Summer Camps

AC Milan Junior Camps (Soccer) – 2023
Location: Cities Nation-wide
Phone: +39 055.8050038
Website: https://www.acmilan.com/en/academy/milan-junior-camp/city-camp
Info: the professional soccer team offers week-long day camps; for ages 6-17; the program also offers residential and girls-only camps

WWF Travel Summer Camps – 2023
Location: Nation-wide
Phone: +39 06.85376501
Website: https://www.wwftravel.it/campiestivi/
Email: info@wwftravel.it
Info: day camps and overnight camps; for ages 7-17; huge selection of nature camps with a variety of activities including hiking, horseback riding, camping, cycling, sailing, English language

Emilia Romagna Summer Camps

Maker DOJO Summer Technology Camp – 2022
Location: Montecreto
Email: info@makerdojo.it
Website: https://summercamp.makerdojo.it/
Info: for ages 8-17; 8-day/7-night camps with a focus on technology

Puglia Summer Camps

Trulli School Italian Language Camp
Location: Castione della Presolana
Email: info@trullischool.com
Website: https://www.trullischool.com/2022-italian-summer-camp/
Info: for ages 14-17; 2-week overnight camp with language lessons, excursions, cooking classes, and more; July 10th – 23rd; €1600

Lombardy Summer Camps

International Camp Sancelso
Location: Castione della Presolana
Phone: +39 055.8050038
Website: https://www.internationalcamp.it/en/
Info: for ages 6-17; activities include sport, adventure, nature and culture; week-long overnight camps; €615/week; June 25th – Aug 5th

Design, Fashion & Arts Summer Camp
Location: Milan
Phone: +39 02872581
Website: https://www.internationalschoolofmilan.it/en/camps/summer-camp
Info: for ages 13-17; day and overnight camps for 1-2 week sessions; day camp €650/week, overnight camp €2550 for 2 weeks; throughout July

Piedmont Summer Camps

Italiano Porticando Summer City Camp
Phone: +39 011.5187078
Email: info@italianoporticando.com
Website: www.italianoporticando.com
Info: for ages 7-18; week-long Italian language day camps that include exploration of Turin and music component; €450/week with discount for two weeks; July

Tuscany Summer Camps

Centri Estivi dello Sport
Location: Barberino Tavarnelle
Phone: +39 055.8050038
Email: info@polisportivatavarnelle.it
Info: week-long camps; June 13th – July 15; M-F; half (€100) or full (€130) day; can include lunch (€3/day)

Centro Estivo Sportivo A. S. D. Dynamic System
Location: Cerbaia in Val di Pesa
Phone: +39 055.825069
Info: week-long camps; June 13th – July 29th and Aug 29th – Sept 9th; M-F; full day (€110/week); sibling discount; activities include cooking, gardening, swimming, forest walks, music, sports

Centri Estivi in Fattoria (Farm Summer Camp)
Phone: +39 339.7542.922
Info: week-long camps; June 20th – Aug 5th; M-F; full day (€135/week); sibling and multi-week discount

Canadian Island Summer Camps
Location: Florence & Tuscany
Website: https://www.canadianisland.com/en/summer-camp-daily-and-residential-in-tuscany-italy/
Info: for ages 3-17; various programs; day camps from €380/week; overnight camps ages 8+ from €1200; more info in the brochure

International School of Florence Summer Camp
Location: Florence
Phone: +39 055.2001515
Website: https://www.isfitaly.org/experience/isf-summer-camp
Email: summercamp@isfitaly.org
Info: for ages 3-11; various programs; week-long day camps from June 27 – July 15

Labsitters English Language Camp
Location: Florence
Phone: +39 055.0107227
Website: https://www.labsitters.com/centri-estivi-campi-per-bambini-in-lingua-inglese/
Email: info@labsitters.com
Info: for ages 3-13; various programs; day camps from June – September; 5 locations in Florence and one in Milan; from €150/week

Kindergarten Summer Camp
Location: Florence
Website: https://kindergarten.it/en/centri-estivi/
Info: week-long day camps; dates and cost TBD for 2022

Florence Art Camp
Location: Florence
Phone: +39 342.6211628
Email: info@artealsole.com
Info: for ages 6-12; June 20th – July 31st; half-day, week-long camps; €250/week

Campo Estivo Estate in Volo (Flying Camp)
Location: Florence
Phone: +39 342.6211628
Website: www.aeronauticofirenze.it
Info: for ages 11-16; three week-long camps; €590/week; fly drones, a small plane, use the flight simulator, and more

ASD Montesport Centri Estivi Sportivi
Location: Montespertoli
Phone: +39 0571.671147
Email: info@montesport2003.it
Info: week-long camps; June 13th – July 29th; M-F; full day (€95); for kids born years 2011-2016; sibling discount

Green Energy Camp
Location: Palazzuolo Sul Senio
Phone: +39 055.8046430
Website: https://www.gecamp.com/
Info: week-long outdoor/nature camps; offered all summer long (€529/week); sibling and returning camper discounts

La Botte Centro Estivo Sportivo
Location: San Casciano Val di Pesa
Phone: +39 347.8020.668
Email: labottecamp@gmail.com
Info: week-long camps; June 13th – July 29th; M-F; full day (€160/week; 2 weeks €300); sibling discount

Campi Estivi Canottieri San Miniato
Location: San Miniato (Lago di Roffia)
Phone: +39 349.7818.829
Website: www.canottierisanminiato.it/campisolari
Info: rowing day camp

New Oxford School English Summer Camp
Location: Siena
Phone: +39 0577.281907
Website: https://www.thenewoxfordschool.it/summer-english-summer-camp-in-siena
Info: English language day camps for ages 6-11; mix of native Italian and English-speaking children

Green Summer School
Location: Siena (Castelnuovo Berardenga)
Phone: +39 0577.573086
Website: https://www.sienaart.org/Arte-in-città/Green-Summer-School/
Info: Horseback riding, art, and English week-long day camps for ages 6-14; €250/week

Lead Institute Summer Camp
Location: Siena
Phone: +39 351.9215494
Website: https://www.leadeduinstitute.it/campusestivi
Info: Week-long day camps for ages 6-10; runs throughout the summer; mostly in English

Campi Solari
Location: Siena
Phone: +39 0577.52341
Website: https://campisolaricussiena.it/
Info: Week-long day camp for ages 6-12; sports and English

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Umbria Summer Camps

Umbria Art & Soccer Camp
Location: Panicale
Email: info@artealsole.com
Info: July 4th – 8th; full day; €600

Summer Camp Jobs in Italy

If you’re hoping to get a job at an Italian summer camp, contact the camp directly. You will probably be required to have authorization to work in Italy. English-language skills are valuable, as many expat campers speak English and often Italian parents want their children to have exposure to English if possible.

There are programs like Go Overseas that help facilitate the process.


How far in advance do I need to book a summer camp in Italy?
Summer camps in Italy tend to fill up quickly, as working Italian parents need a place to send their kids! Many moms I know book camps for the entire summer to keep their kids busy while they’re at work. Reserve your spot as soon as you’re able to.

Does my child need to take an Italian course before attending camp?
It depends on the camp your child will be attending. If the camp’s language is Italian (only), then it would be helpful to know some basic Italian.

Would my high school student enjoy summer camp in Italy?
The key is finding something your teen is interested in. There are plenty of programs for high-school age students during the summer – art history camps, sports camps, Italian language camps… Take some time to speak to your teen about the Italian summer camp possibilities.