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Montalcino with Kids – 12 Helpful Tips

Updated on January 14, 2024

Many parents dismiss Montalcino as a wine town that has nothing to offer kids. But, Montalcino with kids can actually be fun for kids and mom and dad, with both wine and non-wine activities.

We live in Tuscany and head to the Brunello village on a day trip, but you can also stay in the area at one of the beautiful agriturismi in the Val d’Orcia.

For a comprehensive look at visiting Montalcino, check out our post on Making the Most of Your Visit to Montalcino.

Climb the Fortezza

View from the walls of the Fortezza in Montalcino, Italy.  You can see the countryside in the distance.
Walking on the walls of the fortress

Kids and adults will love climbing to the top of Montalcino’s imposing fortress, the Fortezza, or La Rocca.

Walk inside the fortress, head to the left, and enter the Enoteca.  There you can buy your tickets to climb up (young kids are free). 

There are 50 steps to the top of the walls.  You can walk the walls all the way around the fortress and the views are amazing!  Point out the narrow slits archers used to shoot their arrows and how the fortress allowed the people to see enemies coming from any direction.

When you finish the walk around the walls, before you head down, walk up the narrow steps to the top of the tower for an even better view. 

Spend Time at the Playground

Montalcino, Italy playground.
The playground in Montalcino

Montalcino’s playground is in the north part of town, near the Chiesa della Madonna del Soccorso. 

It’s a pleasant spot for kids and adults.  The area is completely fenced in and there are plenty of benches so adults can take a break.  The view is incredible too!

The playground includes:

  • Swings
  • Merry go round
  • Rocking toys
  • Climbing structure
  • Slide

It’s more suited to younger kids, but older kids can play in the green area (not fenced) on the other side of the church.

Choose Your Enoteca Wisely

Courtyard of the Fortezza in Montalcino, Italy.
The Fortezza’s courtyard is huge and car-free. The Enoteca la Fortezza’s patio is on the right.

The best enoteca in Montalcino to visit if you have kids with you is in the fortress – The Enoteca la Fortezza.

Adults can have a glass of wine on the outdoor patio while kids play in the enormous, car-free, single-entrance courtyard of the fortress. 

Take Advantage of Green Spaces

Sometimes little ones need to stretch their legs in a green space and Montalcino has plenty of spots for such a small town. 

We like the playground and grassy area by the Chiesa della Madonna del Soccorso (north part of town).  We also stop at the little grassy area in front of the Duomo, and the path with grassy area behind it (and to the right of the parking lot).

Search for Artwork

Brunello tiles in Montalcino, Italy.

See how many sculptures your kids can find throughout town – in piazzas, on side streets, by churches, and in parks.

Kids can also look for the she-wolf on top of the column (hint: it’s in Piazza Garibaldi) and everyone can pick his or her favorite Brunello tile painting (on the wall next to the she-wolf column).

Have a Gelato

Any time is a great time for gelato!  There’s an excellent gelateria (it goes by the name ‘Why Not?’) just below Piazza Garibaldi. 

Good To Know:  There’s a public toilet just next to the Why Not? Gelateria.

Montalcino has another gelateria in the Piazza del Popolo.  While not as good as Why Not?, it has a Brunello flavor which adults may want to sample.

Bring a Stroller or Carrier

Montalcino is a small town, but you’ll do plenty of walking up and down hills, so babies and little kids will want a ride in a stroller or carrier at some point.

We’ve used both strollers and carriers in Montalcino with kids.  The cobbled streets and steep inclines aren’t ideal for strollers, but you can use a stroller if you like. 

If your baby will sleep in the carrier, it’s probably easiest to move around that way, and if you have a crawler, you can let your baby out occasionally – in the park, in the fortress courtyard, or in green spaces in and around town.

Have a Picnic

Maybe you love eating at restaurants with young kids.  Or, maybe you’re like me and would rather have a simple meal outdoors whenever possible. 

You can grab picnic supplies at the Coop grocery store on the western side of town. 

Or, get pizza by the slice in Piazza del Popolo and take it to the playground or the green area next to the Chiesa della Madonna del Soccorso in the northern part of town (plenty of benches, grass to play on, and gorgeous countryside views).

If you do decide to sit down at a restaurant, have activities for your kids, like Italy coloring pages and crayons or a book.

Don’t Get Too Relaxed About Car Traffic

Street in Montalcino, Italy.

Montalcino is quiet, but cars still use most streets in town and the locals can come around the corner quickly!   So, don’t let your kids run free unless you’re sure you’re in a spot that’s free of cars (playground, Fortezza courtyard, green areas in front of churches, etc).

Don’t Be Shy About Breastfeeding

Italians are very accepting of breastfeeding in public, so don’t feel self-conscious if you need to feed your baby in town. 

Montalcino has plenty of benches, and there are shady areas throughout town (for example, the little park next to Piazza Cavour).

You can also feed your baby in restaurants and at wineries.

Make Winery Visits Fun for Kids

Wine bottling machine at Tornesi winery in Montalcino, Italy.
Kids love learning about how wine is bottled

Proper planning can make a winery visit fun for both young and old (or less young).

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Reserve in advance to get the visit time you want.  Italian wineries (especially smaller ones) don’t usually operate on a drop-in basis. 
  • A visit during nap time works if you have a baby that will sleep in a carrier.   Otherwise, ‘sandwich’ a winery visit with kid-friendly activities like playing at the playground and getting a gelato.
  • Choose a winery with green space or a place for kids to play.
  • Before the visit, read books with your kids about wine and grapes, or watch short videos about grapes like how raisins are made.
  • Have kids walk through the vineyard and see the bottling machines.  Make the visit as interactive as possible.

Visit the Brunello Museum

Outside of town at the Fattoria dei Barbi, kids and adults can learn about life in Montalcino in the past.  Take a quick guided visit and see tools that cobblers, ironsmiths, and other artisans used.

Enjoy your time in Montalcino with kids!

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