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People dining outdoors in Bolzano, Italy.

Bolzano Restaurants – Where to Eat on Your First Visit

Are you plotting out your meals for your upcoming trip to Bolzano?

Maybe you’re wandering around Bolzano, trying to choose a restaurant for dinner.

Either way – I’ve got you covered with my list of Bolzano restaurants.  There’s something for everyone:

  • Traditional South Tyrol dishes
  • Romance
  • Views
  • Aperitivo
  • Family-friendly restaurants
  • Michelin-starred fare
  • Gelato

I hope you like dining in Bolzano as much as we do! 

Buon appetito!  Guten appetite!

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Where to Eat in Bolzano (Bozen)

First off, the Bolzano restaurant you choose depends on what you’re craving, what your dining style is, and who you’re with!

You’ll find traditional South Tyrol food (think sausage, dumplings, and sauerkraut) and pizza.

Bolzano has casual, stand-up-while-you-eat-your-hot-dog places and Michelin-star restaurants (one in the city center and three nearby).

You’ll find restaurants perfect for a romantic evening with your partner or a family-meal with your toddlers.

Wirtshaus Vögele – For Traditional South Tyrol Dishes

Via Goethe, 3.  +39 0471 973938.

This is my go-to restaurant for Bolzano when I’m alone, with my family, or am traveling with others.  It’s in a great spot in the center, just around the corner from the shops on Via dei Portici, and there’s outdoor (on the front covered sidewalk) and indoor seating (super cozy).

It’s not fancy, but it’s not casual – kind of in between.  I like that because you can stop in after spending the day in Bolzano and not feel like you need to be dressed to the nines, but still have a beautiful and delicious meal.

While it may not look kid-friendly, you can order dishes for little ones like würstel and fries, there’s a changing table in the bathroom, and the staff is very kind to children. 

Ask for the daily specials – but I tend to order classics like polenta with finferli mushrooms and sausages (my belly is grumbling just typing it).  The most popular dish is the canederli.

Good To Know:  Even if the outdoor sidewalk area looks full, you can ask if they have any tables available.  If there’s room, they’ll quickly add extra tables and chairs. 

Helpful Tip:  If you want to dine at Wirtshaus Vögele, it’s always best to make a reservation.  I’ve also walked in many times without a reservation, so it doesn’t hurt to ask if you decide to eat here last-minute.

Good To Know:  If you’re looking for something a little more casual, walk around the corner to Hopfen and Co.  It’s an easier option if you’ve got small or antsy kids.

Outside of Cavallino Bianco restaurant in Bolzano, Dolomites, Italy. You can see beautiful frescoes on the upper level.

Or Try:
Via dei Francescani, 7. +39 0471 976183.

Cavallino Bianco
Via dei Bottai, 6.  +39 0471 973267.

Batzen Häusl – Brewery and Casual Local Fare

Via Andreas Hofer, 30.  +39 0471 050950.

If you’re craving beer, walk straight to Batzen Häusl for locally-brewed beer.  Sample some birre, and then order from the menu of local dishes like canederli (dumplings), grilled meats, schnitzel, burgers, or meat and cheese platters. 

The outdoor patio is shaded and a cool option on a hot day in Bolzano. 

Good To Know:  Batzen Häusl is a great option for families.  You can eat indoors or outdoors in the courtyard.  There are high chairs, you can order a half-portion, and the staff is sweet to little ones.

Helpful Tip:  Be sure to ask for the menu of the day.

Sausage Stand – Tasting Eats While Standing Up

Piazza delle Erbe.

I adore the cute couple that sells sausages and würstel (hot dogs) in the little stand by the fountain in Piazza delle Erbe.  After you’ve strolled the market, order a sausage with your favorite toppings (Need some help?  I recommend the crauti and some mustard) and people watch while you eat.  Or, find a spot on the marble steps of the fountain. 

Gelateria Eccetera – For Excellent Gelato

Via dei Grappoli, 23. +39 0471 972930.

I’ve been coming to Gelateria Eccetera for over 20 years, and while they’ve changed a bit (they use to offer tons of flavors, now they’ve pared the list down), the gelato has remained excellent and it’s my favorite in Bolzano.

Try the seasonal flavors like cannella (cinnamon) in the cooler months and frutto della passione (passion fruit) or zenzero e curcuma (ginger and turmeric) in the summer months.

Good To Know:  Gelateria Eccetera’s gelato is gluten-free!  There are also gluten-free cones available.

Helpful Tip:  There’s not really a nice place to sit at the gelateria.  Take a stroll down one of the streets nearby, like Via dei Grappoli / Via dei Bottai or the Via dei Portici.

Picnic in Talvera Park

One of our favorite meals in Bolzano is a picnic in Talvera Park. 

Stop in at one of the grocery stores in town or a market and bring your picnic supplies to the large grassy area west of the Talvera River.  You’ll be joined by many other Bolzano locals!

We usually picnic shop at:

  • Piazza delle Erbe market – higher prices but many local specialty foods
  • Eurospar – close to Talvera Park on Via Museo
  • Despar – on Via dei Bottai

Helpful Tip:  Bring your own corkscrew if you want wine, and a knife comes in handy for slicing salame and cheese.

Helpful Tip:  You can wash your fruit at the water fountain on the walkway near the kids playground (along this path).

Read more about Grocery Shopping in Italy

Restaurant Arôme by Thaler – A Meal with a View

Via dei Portici, 69. +39 0471 313030.

This place has been recommended to me by local friends.  It’s in the city center on the porticoed street, Via dei Portici, and it’s got excellent views of the Bolzano rooftops and surrounding hills. 

Arôme is owned by three gentlemen with a passion for local food.

The décor is classy and unique and it’s a perfect place for a romantic meal or aperitivo, or a lunch with friends.

Or Try:
Restaurant 37
Via Argentieri, 4.  +39 0471 979654.

Dine on the small outdoor terrace above the rooftops of Bolzano.  We love that this restaurant shares the building of the Sportler sporting goods store – it’s quite a contrast.  It has views of the Bolzano rooftops and surroundings like at Arôme, and the excellent creative cuisine using local ingredients makes the restaurant worth a visit.  There are daily specials, but I recommend ordering the tartare di manzo (beef tartare), made with beef from cows in nearby Renon.

Good To Know:  You can have an aperitivo before your meal at Restaurant 37, but you can’t come just for a rooftop aperitivo.
Helpful Tip:  Skip Restaurant 37 if you’re looking for traditional South Tyrol cuisine.  The chefs here are creative in the kitchen.

Walther’s – For Gluten Free Dining

People sitting and eating and chatting under large umbrellas. There are buildings in the background.

Piazza Walther, 6/2. +39 0471 982548.

I know, I know – restaurants on main piazzas typically don’t have the highest quality food (since the view is the selling point).  But, I’ve been dining at Walther’s for years, and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the food and the kindness of the staff. 

Yes, it’s a great spot for people watching and looking out at Piazza Walther, but it’s also a prime place for Italian fare in this Austrian-leaning city. 

My boys love the simple pasta dishes and I enjoy the gluten-free fare, including the pizza.  This is your spot if you’re craving Italian food in Bolzano.  Buon appetito!

Good To Know:  If you’re traveling with kids, this is also a great spot for aperitivo.  While you sip your hugo cocktail LINK on the square, your kids can play (mine love to chase the pigeons).  When they’re tired, grab a chair (or high chair) for them and let them enjoy a gelato or treat at the table with you.

In Viaggio – Claudio Melis – Michelin-Star Dining and Romance

Via Piave, 15. +30 0471 1684878.

For Michelin-starred cuisine, reserve a table at chef Claudio Melis’ restaurant, In Viaggio.  Melis serves up creative Italian dishes to diners in a warm, garden setting. 

Or Try:
Piazza della Dogana, 3. +39 0471 970032.
Not Michelin-starred, but home to modern Italian cuisine and an extensive wine list.

Konditorei Klaus – For a Sweet Treat

Boy looks into front window of a closed bakery in Bolzano, Italy.
My son willing Konditorei Klaus to open

Piazza Maria Delago, 1.  +39 0471 972193.

You’ll find pastry shops and bakeries scattered throughout the Bolzano town center, but Konditorei Klaus is one of the best.  It’s got a local following, and we love its outdoor seating area (but the outdoor area is not ideal with small kids as it’s on a street corner). 

Choose a classic cornetto or apple strudel, or get fancy with a slice of one of their specialty cakes. 

Good To Know:  Klaus also has a nice selection of chocolate treats.

Or Try:
Panetteria Grandi
Via dei Bottai, 18.  +39 0471 978143.
Our pick in Bolzano for savory breads.  Picky kids (and adults) usually like the laugen here.

Boy walking into glass door of bakery in Bolzano, Italy. You can see breads and food products on display.

Grifoncino – For a Chic Aperitivo

Piazza Walther (inside Hotel Greif).  +39 0471 318000.

Grifoncino is the place for aperitivo in the city center.  It’s much loved for its modern, quirky design.  Order a gin and tonic and sip it while you take a look at the décor. 

Good To Know:  The rooftop bar (courtyard views only) is not open at the time of writing (staff shortages), but if you’re visiting on a summer eve, check to see if it is!

What to Eat in Bolzano

Close up of different types of bread at a bakery in the Dolomites, Italy.

Pizza and pasta – step aside!  Bolzano is the place to eat mountain food and traditional Austrian cuisine.

While you’re in Bolzano, look for the following on menus and in display cases at bars, cafés, and restaurants:

Canederli – local dumplings; great in broth or plated with cabbage

Crauti – sauerkraut

Laugen – bread roll with cheese rolled inside

Schüttelbrot – crunchy flatbread

Schnitzel – thin, breaded and fried slice of veal

Apple strudel – apple-filled pastry made from the apples you see in the area’s orchards

Goulash – local meat stew

Polenta – a northern Italian specialty of cornmeal that’s served like a porridge or sometimes baked, grilled, or even fried

Speck – cured ham like prosciutto, but smoked, often with juniper

Cheeses – the best places to check out the local formaggi are at the markets or in the grocery stores

Vocabulary for Eating at a Restaurant in Bolzano

People dining outdoors under umbrellas at Hopfen and Co restaurant in Bolzano, Italy.
Dinner outdoors at Hopfen and Co

As I only speak Italian, I can’t give you any German phrases, but if you do speak German, go for it!

Fun Fact:  Although Bolzano is in South Tyrol (which was once part of Austria), the city has a higher proportion of Italian speakers than neighboring areas like up the hill in Fiè allo Sciliar, Castelrotto, and Ortisei, where the German language dominates. 

Here are a few words and phrases to get you started with your meal in Bolzano:

Vorrei prenotare un tavolo per due persone, per favore. – I’d like to reserve a table for two, please.

C’è posto per quattro stasera? – Is there room for four people this evening?

Vorrei… – I would like…

Un bicchiere – a glass

Una bottiglia – a bottle

Vino – wine

Acqua naturale – still water

Acqua frizzante – sparkling water

Aperitivo – aperitif

Pane – bread

Antipasto – appetizer

Primo – first course

Secondo – second course

Contorno – side dish, often a vegetable

Dolce – dessert

Caffè – coffee


Dov’è il bagno? – Where is the toilet?

Grazie – thank you

Prego – you’re welcome; go ahead

Bolzano Restaurants FAQ

Boy walks down colorful street in Bolzano, Italy.
Do I need to make a reservation a restaurant in Bolzano?

If you’re set on eating at a particular restaurant on a particular day, I recommend booking a table.  Many Bolzano restaurants are small and fill up quickly in the evenings.  If you want to eat at a Michelin-star restaurant, it’s best to reserve in advance. 

Are Bolzano restaurants open year-round?

Yes, Bolzano restaurants stay open throughout the year, but many take an annual or bi-annual holiday (ferie), so always call to make sure the restaurant is open.  Many will post signs at the door when they’re away for vacation.

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