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View of buildings in valley below. Mountains in distant background, along with forest and hills.

Colfosco, Italy – A Summer Guide to the Tiny Village in Alta Badia

Colfosco is a piccolo (small) village in the Dolomite mountains in northern Italy.  Colfosco may be tiny, but it packs a punch in the winter (skiing, anyone?) and the summer (gorgeous hikes and heart-racing bike rides). 

Colfosco sits between the epic hairpin turns of Passo Gardena and the bustling ski/hike/bike town of Corvara in Badia.  It’s a proud member of Alta Badia and the Ladin community, and it’s a nice place to call home for a few nights.

While it’s most known for being a snow-sports base in the winter, I’m going to focus on a summer visit – I’ve spent many summers playing in and around Colfosco. 

Fun Fact:  Colfosco goes by two other names – Kolfuschg in German, and Calfosch in Ladin.

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Colfosco or Corvara in Badia?

But first, the big question I often get – Is it better to stay and play in Colfosco, or its big sister below, Corvara in Badia?

I’ve done both, and don’t have a strong preference either way.  But, to help you you’re your decision, know that:

  • Corvara is busier, you can walk to more restaurants, and it has easy access to Pralongià and Piz Boè. 
  • Corvara in Badia is better for kids, with its big playground in Corvara, easy access to kid-friendly Pralongià (and the amazing Moviment kids’ parks).  That being said, I’ve stayed in Colfosco with a baby and had a great time.
  • Colfosco accommodation may be less expensive.
  • Corvara is more lively, during the day and at night.
  • Both Colfosco and Corvara in Badia have access to great hikes – on foot or with help from gondolas and lifts.

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When to Visit Colfosco

As mentioned, Colfosco is popular in the winter as a snow sports base, but if you’re planning on visiting other times of the year, I recommend a mid-June through early-September visit

It’s hard to give exact dates, but it’s best to wait until mid-June so you’re pretty much guaranteed snow is cleared from the trails (I’ve been in the area in early June in the past and haven’t been able to hike on many trails!).  Of course, the snow could be gone long before then, but if you’re planning as part of your vacation and really want to hike, take that into account.

Mid-July through August is a busy time in the area, when mountain enthusiasts from Italy and Europe descend on the Dolomites.  Hotel rates go up and mountain huts are more crowded, but don’t worry, you can still find space in the Dolomites. 

Helpful Tip:  If you’re planning on utilizing the lifts and gondolas on your visit to Colfosco, take a look at their opening and closing dates.

What to See and Do in Colfosco, Italy

Walk to Cascate del Pisciadù

Boy walking on gravel trail.  Both sides have grassy fields and there is forest and large mountains in the background.

Take the gentle walk to the Cascaste del Pisciadù on a wide gravel path through alpine fields (full of wildflowers in the summer months). 

It’s just over 1 kilometer each way, so it’s not an all-day commitment.  But, you can easily spend time relaxing in the grassy area near the waterfall.

Good To Know:  If you want to get up close to the waterfall, you need to walk up a smaller, uphill trail.  It’s just a couple of minutes up to the waterfall, but it’s worth noting that this part of the hike is more difficult.

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Hike in the Puez Range

Also called the Gruppo di Puez (Italian), Puezgruppe (German), this dramatic range that has areas that feel like a lunar landscape.  You can access the area easily (via Passo Gardena or Colfosco) by one of the chairlifts or gondolas that depart from Colfosco. 

Helpful Tip: Plan your route to stop at Puez Hütte, Edelweiss Hütte, or Col Pradat Hütte for lunch.

Take the Chairlift to a Mountain Hut

Don’t feel like hiking?  Take advantage of the Colfosco gondola that runs from Colfosco up to Edelweiss Hütte.  Have a beer, snack, or lunch.  Sit out on the deck or terrace and relax, enjoy the views, and soak up the sunshine.

Good To Know:  If you do feel like stretching your legs, you can walk from Edelweiss Hütte to Col Pradat Hütte and take the Col Pradat gondola back down to the upper part of Colfosco (and then walk or roll downhill).   

Walk or Ride to Corvara

You can take a quiet path from Colfosco down to Corvara, or you can take the gondola (Cabinovia Borest) between the two villages. 

Take the Chairlifts to Passo Gardena

Colfosco is full of hiking options!  For another hike (and more incredible views), you can take a series of two lifts up (Plans-Frara) up to Jimmi Hütte, just above Passo Gardena.

Good To Know:  Check the opening dates for these lifts, as they usually open up later in the summer.

Go for a Bike Ride

Cyclist riding uphill (Passo Gardena) in the Dolomites in Italy. A few trees on either side of the road, along with green grass. Dramatic mountains in background.
Can you spot the lone cyclist riding up Passo Gardena?

If you don’t mind hills, Colfosco is in prime cycling country!  The area is a paradise for both road cyclists and mountain bikers.  Arguably Italy’s most famous granfondo ride takes place right here – the Maratona dles Dolomites! 

Colfosco is on the famous Sella Ronda route – a loop of four gorgeous passes (Passo Campolongo, Passo Pordoi, Passo Sella, and Passo Gardena.  The village is on the route, between Passo Gardena and Passo Campolongo.

If you don’t have a bicycle with you, you can easily rent one in Corvara in Badia, just down the hill.

And, don’t forget to take a photo with the gigantic wooden bicycle in the green field at the bottom of the hill in Corvara.

Good To Know:  If you’re in town in June, check the date for the Sellaronda Bike Day.  The entire loop is closed off to vehicle traffic, so you can ride with other cyclists and take over the road!

Good To Know:  If you’re not a fan of hills, head to one of the Dolomites Valley Cycling Paths for epic views and an easier ride! 

Fun Fact:  The Sella Ronda is also a famous skiing circuit.

Where to Eat in Colfosco

Wooden dining area in Matthiaskeller restaurant in Colfosco, Italy. Painting of animals on back wall. Two tables and chairs and bench seating.
A cozy dining area at Matthiaskeller Restaurant

There are a few options in Colfosco, but if you’re looking for more variety, you can always head down the hill into Corvara in Badia.  There you’ll also find the Michelin-starred La Stüa de Michil at Hotel La Perla.

Ristorante Matthiaskeller

This is a great stop for local dishes like canederli (dumplings), spaetzle (smaller dumplings usually made with spinach), or polenta with cheese and mushrooms (my usual order).  The restaurant is on multiple levels and there are cozy rooms (some just big enough for a table) around every corner. 

In nice weather, eat on the outdoor deck and enjoy the views.
Str. Pecëi, 31. +39 0471.836754.

Ristorante Pizzeria Black Hill

This is your spot if you’re craving pizza or pasta.  Friendly servers, gets busy.
Str. Col Pradat, 3.  +39 0471.836190.

Colfosco Hotels

There are multiple roadside hotels and B&Bs in Colfosco.  These are my top picks:

Kolfuschgerhof Mountain Resort and Spa

4-star hotel with an amazing outdoor pool, spa, friendly staff, and unique décor.  The hotel underwent major renovations during the Covid-19 shutdown, and it has a loyal following that I’m sure will continue to grow.  Kolfuschgerhof Mountain Resort and Spa – info and rates.

Nature Hotel Delta

Front entrance to Nature Hotel Delta. Blue sky on sunny day, and mountains and forest on right. Gravel parking lot in front of hotel.

Next door to the Kolfuschgerhof Mountain Resort and Spa, this small hotel has amazing views, spotless rooms with light décor, and a gorgeous spa.  Nature Hotel Delta – info and rates.

Good To Know:  Visiting Colfosco with family?  There are family rooms at this hotel, and I’ve stayed here with a baby and we had a lovely stay.  We spent a lot of time in the grassy area on the side of the hotel.

Colfosco with Kids

Colfosco is little, but it’s got plenty to keep kids busy – from gondola rides to easy hikes to an adventure park!

You can make Colfosco your base (I’ve stayed at Nature Hotel Delta with a baby), but I recommend staying just down the hill in Corvara if you have older kids. Read more about Where to Stay in the Dolomites with Kids.

Here are our favorite things to do with little ones in Colfosco:

Cascate del Pisciadù Hike

This out-and-back walk to a small waterfall is just over 2 kilometers long and doable for all ages.  You can even do it (except for the last short section up to the waterfall) with a stroller.

Read more about the Cascate del Pisciadù Hike

Adventure Park Colfosco

The Colfosco Adventure Park’s ropes course is set in a shady forest of larch trees, and it’s got routes for all levels. 

This is an excellent option for hot days, and if you have babies or toddlers with you (or kids who aren’t interested in the ropes course, you can take them across the street to the playground.


Colfosco has a playground in a shady forested area close to the Adventure Park.  Also on site is the Parco Animali Colfosco/Corvara (animal park).  But don’t get too excited – I’ve only ever seen ducks and a few squirrels. 

It’s easy to access the playground from the large parking lot in front of the Adventure Park.  If you head downhill from the parking lot, you’ll see it on the left on the other side of the main road (be careful when crossing!).

Ristorante Matthiaskellar

This restaurant (mentioned above) is an excellent option in Colfosco if you have kids with you.  You can eat indoors in one of the cozy rooms with fun décor (animals painted on the walls, fun stools in the bar area downstairs), or outdoors on the deck with amazing views (and a trampoline!).

What to See and Do Near Colfosco

Cinque Torri – hike; explore the open-air WWI museum; watch the rock climbers

Cortina d’Ampezzo – have aperitivo at Hotel de la Poste; shop at boutiques; explore the Cooperativa

San Cassiano – visit the Ladin museum; have aperitivo; take the lift up to Pralongià

Santa Croce – hike; stop at the stations of the cross

Moviment Parks – amazing outdoor playgrounds for kids

Val Gardena – explore Ortisei; hike Resciesa or Seceda; take the gondola up to Alpe di Siusi

Colfosco Italy FAQ

Which mountain pass is Colfosco closest to? 

Colfosco sits at the bottom of the Gardena Pass (Passo Gardena), and it’s not far from Campolongo Pass (Passo Campolongo), which is on the other side of its neighbor, Corvara in Badia.

Is there any rock climbing in or around Colfosco?

Yes!  I recommend speaking with Helmut & Brigitte at Arc Alpin Travel.  They can advise you on rock climbing and how and where to try a via ferrata route.

What is Colfosco’s elevation?

Colfosco sits at 1645 metres above sea level.  Corvara in Badia, just down the hill, is at 1568 metres.  Passo Gardena, above Colfosco, sits at 2121 metres.

What are the best activities in Colfosco?

If you’re planning on visiting Colfosco, you’ll find plenty of hiking and biking opportunities.  You can also take advantage of the lifts to/from Colfosco to explore the mountains, huts, and even other villages (like Corvara).

Does Colfosco have a campground?

Yes, there’s a campground in the lower part of Colfosco, close to Corvara in Badia.  It’s near the river and has fabulous views of the surrounding mountains.

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