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Torre dell'Orso beach from a bird's eye view. Crystal clear water and sandy beach with rocky areas on the edge.

Italy in June – Your 2024 Complete Guide

Are you thinking of visiting Italy in June? 

June in Italy is sunny and gorgeous.  Temperatures rise throughout the country, outdoor dining becomes the norm, and Italians begin heading to the beach on the weekends.

It’s a lovely time to be here.  And, because of that, you certainly won’t be the only visitor. 

The high season is in full swing throughout the country.  You’ll notice more crowds, so it’s a little less comfortable for sightseeing indoors (especially if there’s no air-conditioning!), but it’s an excellent time to be here for outdoors activities (like hiking, cycling, and exploring cities on foot).

If you’re debating between June and the other summer months of July and August, pick June!  There are still places that aren’t overrun (that will be in the peak of summer) and the heat isn’t overwhelming like it is in July and August. 

Helpful Tip:  The best advice I can give for a visit in June to Italy is to find your space.  June is a great month to visit the countryside, wander through small villages, go for hikes, and enjoy the outdoors. 

If you’ll be spending time with the crowds (in popular destinations like Rome, Florence, or Venice), build time into your day at your hotel, in a park, or a less-visited museum so you can have a little breathing room.  Trust me, you’ll need it!

In this article you’ll learn…

  • if visiting Italy in June is a good choice for you 
  • what weather to expect in Italy in June
  • which holidays Italy celebrates in June and which days things are closed 
  • my recommended places to visit in June in Italy, including where to go with kids 
  • the best activities and events in Italy in June
  • which foods to try in Italy in June
  • what to wear on a trip to Italy in June
  • the best ways to travel around Italy in June

First trip to Italy? 10th? Either way, check out our 200+ Essential Italy Travel Tips!

If you’re looking for something specific, check out the Table of Contents below so you can jump ahead to what you’re looking for:

Should You Visit Italy in June? 

Infographic showing reasons to visit Italy in June vs. reasons not to visit Italy in June.

June always seems to sneak up on us. One minute it’s cool and raining and the next we’re sweating in our boots while we dig out our summer clothes.

Come visit in June for sunny days, lush green vineyards, wildflowers, beach time, food and music festivals, and outdoor dinners in short sleeves.

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5 Reasons You Should Visit Italy in June 

Sunny day on the beach in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.
A sunny day in Forte dei Marmi
  1. June weather is traditionally incredible. Sunny days, moderate temperatures (although it can already be hot in the south). There is less rain than in the spring but showers are still possible.
  2. One good thing about the spring rains – it hydrated the fields for Italian crops and nature’s showing off. The hillsides may have started to turn golden, but you’ll still see some wildflowers and the vineyards are bright green with their new leaves. Lemons and citrus fruits are filling their trees along the coast and vibrant yellow rapeseed fields dot the land.
  3. The nice weather also brings everyone out to celebrate. June in Italy continues May celebrations with more festivals and events throughout the peninsula.
  4. Outdoor dining continues. Have lunch in a bustling piazza, dinner on a quiet side street, or aperitivo at an outdoor rooftop bar. Salute!
  5. Beach time is officially here.

Good To Know: It’s always best to reserve tickets for any museums or events you don’t want to miss.  Many museums limit entry numbers so you’ll want to book in advance.  I always recommend booking advance tickets to popular sites:

The Last Supper (Milan)
The Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
The Accademia (Florence)
The Colosseum (Rome)
The Vatican Museums (Rome)

4 Reasons You May Not Want To Visit Italy in June 

  1. With the nicer weather, come huge crowds – Italians, Europeans, and other visitors.
  2. With those crowds come the high season prices – flights, activities and accommodation are more expensive.
  3. Beaches are very crowded on the weekends as Italians flock to them on their time off.
  4. You’ll probably still find snow at higher elevations, meaning many hiking trails are still off-limits.

Good To Know: If you suffer from environmental allergies, be prepared and bring your favorite remedies if you visit Italy in June, especially earlier in the month. All of the flowers, grasses, and plants are gorgeous – but they bring out the sneezes and itchy eyes!

Weather in Italy in June 

June weather in Italy is typically beautiful and sunny with little rain. Temperatures range from 55-80°F (13-27°C) in Northern Italy, from 60-80°F (16-27°C) in Central Italy, and from 70-85°F (21-30°C) in Southern Italy.

Infographic showing average temps for Italy in June in Northern, Central, and Southern Italy.

Helpful Tip: If you’ll be visiting Northern Italy, remember to pack layers so you’ll stay warm in the cool evenings.

Helpful Tip: Don’t rely on historical weather data. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you leave! 

Infographic showing average temperatures and precipitation for major cities in Italy in June.
Milan82°F / 28°C63°F / 17°C24.8mm
Venice79°F / 26°C63°F / 17°C34.9mmwettest month
Florence84°F / 29°C62°F / 17°C24.7mm
Rome82°F / 28°C61°F / 16°C6.2mm
Naples82°F / 28°C64°F / 18°C6.4mm
Palermo80°F / 27°C68°F / 20°C1.8mm
Average temperatures and precipitation source: timeanddate.com


Holidays in Italy in June

Infographic showing the main holiday in Italy in May - Republic Day, La Festa della Repubblica.

June 2nd – La Festa della Repubblica

  • Translation: Republic Day
  • Also Called: Due Giugno (the second of June)
  • What It Celebrates:  Commemorates June 2, 1946, when Italians voted to eliminate the monarchy and become a republic.
  • Traditions: 
    • Government celebrations and parades
    • Italians spend time outside
    • Frecce Tricolori (Italian Air Force planes) fly and leave green, white, and red trails
  • National Holiday: Yes
  • Open/Closed: Schools, government offices, and many businesses are closed. Most museums, attractions, and restaurants stay open for the holiday crowds. Some transport schedules are reduced.
  • Reserve in Advance: In general, not necessary, but some attractions (especially in Rome) will be crowded, so booking ahead isn’t a bad idea. Beaches will have some holidaying Italians, but most Italians are waiting for the August holiday.
  • Good To Know: Road-tripping around Italy? Expect more traffic than usual on the days surrounding La Festa della Repubblica.

Fun Fact: In the 70s, the Italian economy wasn’t doing well, so the holiday was moved to the first Sunday of June. It was eventually moved back to June 2nd.

Where to Go in Italy in June  

You can pretty much throw a dart blindfolded at a map of Italy, and you’ll find a nice place to visit in June.

The main things that may sway your decision:

  • Heat – the further south you go, the hotter it is in June.
  • Crowds – popular destinations like Florence, Venice, and Rome are packed in June.
  • Costs – popular destinations and beaches are more expensive in June, but beaches will be even more costly in July and August.

Good To Know: Book accommodation with air-conditioning and/or mosquito screens. Thank me later.

Here are some top picks for June:

LocationWhat To Do
Tuscanyroad trip to Tuscan villages, drink wine, relax at the beach
Puglia & Materavisit Matera without dripping in sweat, hit the beach
Sardiniahead to the beach
Sicilymake your way to the beach, sip on a granita
Umbriacheck out flower festivals in small villages
Romeexplore the Roman Forum in short-sleeves
Italian Lakestake a ferry around a lake, dine at a lakeside villa
Honorable Mention – Amalfi Coasttake a boat ride along the coast, eat lemon gelato
Honorable Mention – Bolzanomeet the Ice Man, have lunch on Piazza Walther
Honorable Mention – Cinque Terrehike between the five villages

Tuscany in June

Southern Tuscany summer landscape.
Golden hills in Tuscany in June

June is a lovely month to visit Tuscany, especially if you visit smaller villages and spend time exploring in nature.

In Southern Tuscany, the hills begin to change from green to brown but it’s still gorgeous.  In Northern Tuscany (and a few places in the south), the vineyards are growing and they’re green and picturesque. 

Good To Know: In June, larger cities in Tuscany (like Florence) are hot, crowded, and home to mosquitoes. You can still have a great time – but you need to rest more, book a hotel with A/C and window screens, and reserve museums in advance.

If you’re visiting Florence, take advantage of the nice weather:

  • Florence – Try to visit in the earlier part of the month and reserve any museums in advance so you don’t have to spend time waiting in long lines in the heat.   June 24th is the annual festival of the patron saint of Florence, San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist).  It’s a huge celebration that includes a parade, fireworks, and calcio storico.
  • Lucca – Perfect for a June visit. There are plenty of shady areas to take a break. Cycle the walls and explore the city, which is spread out enough that it won’t feel overrun, even with many visitors. If it gets hot, head to a nearby beach!
  • San Gimignano – Climb the tower, drink the Vernaccia, and soak up the Tuscan views!
  • Siena – Late-month sees an influx of visitors and excitement as the city prepares for the July 2nd Palio. 
  • Chianti towns (Greve, Gaiole, Castellina, Radda, and Panzano) – They’re buzzing with activity. Visit their markets, sample local wines, cycle up and down the hills, and stay in agriturismi in the area.  It’s a lovely time to visit, especially if you can lounge by the pool in the afternoon!
  • Southern Tuscan villages (like Pienza, Montalcino, Cortona, Bagno Vignoni and Montepulciano) – The season is in full-swing – museums and restaurants are all open and visitors are welcomed with open arms!  Drink the local wines, sample the cheeses, and explore the picturesque hilltop towns.
  • Beaches – If you can, visit mid-week when Italians are working. Weekends are busy!

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Puglia and Matera in June


Spend time on Puglia’s beaches and in its turquoise waters before the summer crowds arrive. If you can, go before mid-June (when Italian schools get out).

You’ll also want to visit Puglia’s charming whitewashed villages:

  • Alberobello – wander the trulli-lined streets of the UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Locorotondo
  • Martina Franca
  • Monopoli – relaxed Puglia living (make this your home-base)
  • Ostuni
  • Polignano a Mare – head down to the oft-photographed Lama Monachile
  • Trani – visit the best bakery in Italy (Lula)

While you’re there, don’t miss the area’s fresh produce, seafood, and mozzarella!


Boy holding railing as he walks uphill on stone path in Matera, Italy.
My son out exploring Matera

If you make it all the way down to Puglia, make a detour or a day-trip to Matera, the UNESCO World-Heritage Site of the city of sassi. The still mild June weather makes exploring the town and hiking in the natural parks a pleasant experience – much more so than in the heat of July and August.

Read more about the city in our Complete Guide to Visiting Matera and Staying in a Cave Hotel in Matera.

Sardinia In June

Empty, beautiful beach in Sardinia, Italy.
At the beach in Sardinia – check out the color of the water!

Sardinia in June is for you if you’re looking for a perfect beach vacation (wake – beach – eat – sleep – repeat). Head to Italy’s version of the Maldives now before the crowds arrive in the peak summer season (and crowds and prices are crazy).

Along with the breathtaking beaches, there are jewels inland too. Road trip on scenic hilly roads and stop in small villages (we love San Pantaleo!) or explore the island on foot or bicycle.

Sicily In June

Like in Sardinia, beach time in Sicily has arrived. Head there now before the Italians and Europeans arrive for the August holiday.

This is also a great time to visit the island’s architectural and historical treasures before the scorching summer temperatures make outdoor sightseeing unpleasant.

Favorite places in Sicily in June:

  • Taormina – Take advantage of the beach at Isola Bella below town and relax in the piazza in the evenings.
  • Siracusa and Ortigia – Have a relaxing visit (beach or day trips in the area) and spend the evenings in the lively center.
  • Noto towns – eat Modica’s chocolate before it melts in your hand, get gelato in Ragusa Ibla at night.
  • Palermo and Monreale – Explore the city in the early morning and in the evening.
  • Aeolian Islands – See Stromboli erupt at night, hike on Panarea, lounge at a chic hotel.

Umbria in June

Flowering lentil fields in Piana di Castelluccio in Umbria.
Piana di Castelluccio

June is a perfect month to visit Tuscany’s little sister, aka the ‘green heart of Italy.’

  • Orvieto
  • Little villages like Bevagna, Spello, Spoleto draw visitors with flower festivals (infiorata) and other celebrations (like Spoleto’s Festival of the Two Worlds)
  • Assisi
  • Perugia
  • If you visit at the right time, the lentil fields of Norcia’s Piana di Castelluccio create a mosaic of colorful flowers. The transformation usually occurs between May and July. Even if the fields aren’t in full bloom, it’s still a majestic place to see.

Rome in June

The Roman Forum in Italy as seen from above on a sunny day.
Checking out the Roman Forum from above on a visit with my son

To be completely honest, June in Rome is too hot and crowded for me. I prefer the winter, spring and fall. But, plently of others enjoy June, so I’ve included it here.

Helpful Tip: Take some time to rest in the middle of the day, when the heat and crowds can be overwhelming. Go back to your air-conditioned hotel or find some shade in a park.

There are two big holidays celebrated in Rome in June – La Festa della Repubblica (Republic Day) on June 2nd, and La Festa di San Pietro e Paolo (Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, Rome’s patron saints) on June 29th. If you’re in town on these dates, enjoy the festivities, but don’t pack your to-do list – some things will be closed and there will be larger crowds. Don’t miss the Frecce Tricolori on Republic Day or the fireworks on the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul!

In June in Rome, you’ll want to see the classics (Roman Forum, Colosseum, Vatican Museums, etc) along with other less-visited sites:

  • the Domus Aurea
  • the Terme di Caracalla (buy tickets to an evening concert!)
  • Ostia Antica
  • Centrale Montemartini (museum with ancient Roman and Greek sculptures in an old power plant)

Of course, if you need a break from sightseeing, there are plenty of other things to do in Rome in June:

  • Have lunch, dinner, and aperitivo outdoors on Roman piazzas or side streets
  • Window shop in the Monti neighborhood
  • Get a gelato at Fatamorgana and sit and watch Roman life pass you by
  • Go on a Vespa tour (only if you’re a confident driver!)
  • Go on a Roman food tour
  • Have a picnic in a park (Villa Borghese or Villa Doria Pamphili)

Italian Lakes in June

Visit the Lakes in early June to catch the tail end of the best garden viewing of the year. Don’t miss the gardens of Villa Balbianello, Villa Borromeo, and Villa Carlotta.

More things to do in the Italian Lakes in June:

  • Take a boat ride from Stresa to Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore or Isola San Giulio on Lake Orta.
  • Go on a ferry trip around the lake.
  • Sit outside for aperitivo lakeside or in the villages.
  • Head up into the hills on a hike.

Good To Know: The Italian Lakes, and especially Lake Garda, are popular destinations for Northern Europeans. They arrive in large numbers (you’ll see the RVs!) in June and July. If you’re planning a visit, book as early as possible.

Honorable Mentions – Amalfi Coast, Bolzano, and Cinque Terre In June

View from Sentiero dei Dei on the Amalfi Coast.
Hiking on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast in June

Yes, there will be plenty of other people with you on the Amalfi Coast in June, and that’s because along with late spring, the early summer is a dreamy time to be there!

Take a boat to Capri, hike the Footpath of the Gods (Sentiero dei Dei), eat lemon gelato in Amalfi, put on your big sunglasses and go shopping in Positano. You’ll feel like you’re in a film.

Lounge on the beach and spend time on boats or ferries.

Good To Know: Nearby Sorrento and Pompeii are worth June visits, but skip Pompeii if it’s a particularly hot day – the unshaded ruins can be unbearable (or at least not fun) in the heat.

Bolzano in June

Bolzano is one of our favorite cities to visit (every year), but I avoid it in the hot summer months of July and August (even if we’re only staying 20 minutes away).

June’s temperatures mean you can explore the city all day:

  • Visit Ötzi, the Ice Man at the Archaeology Museum
  • Have schnitzel or pizza on Piazza Walther
  • Visit the town’s markets
  • Shop at some of Italy’s best sports stores
  • Sample the local wines at an enoteca
  • Rent a bike and cycle the Bolzano-Merano bike path, one of the Dolomites Valley Bike Paths

Check out the 15 Best Things to Do in Bolzano

Cinque Terre in June

It will be very busy, because June brings gorgeous weather and less rain than the spring. Make the effort to find moments to yourself – on the trails (there are plenty of others besides the main trails between the villages) or on a boat in the sea.

Relax with a gelato or a glass of white wine and a plate of pasta al pesto. Or, pack a picnic of the region’s focaccia and head to the rocky beach.

Destinations To Skip On A June Trip To Italy

  • Venice – If you’re not a fan of crowds or heat, try to avoid a June visit unless you’re set on seeing the city or feel like hanging out at the beach on the Lido. If you can, spend the night – early morning and evening are the best times to be out and exploring. If you’re here in an even year, don’t miss the Venice Biennale, which runs from spring to fall and includes art, dance, theatre, cinema, and more.
  • Milan – Unless you’re interested in Men’s Fashion week, give Milan a pass in June. It’s already hot, and also humid.  Fashion week brings crowds and high prices.

Good To Know: If you’re planning on visiting the Dolomites to hike on high mountain trails, wait until mid-June. It’s very possible the high trails and popular Alpe di Siusi will still be covered in snow in early June.

Activities And Events In Italy In June

June is another busy month in Italy for activities and events. Here is just a sample of what you can do:


Festa di San Pietro e Paolocelebrations of patron saints (June 29th)Rome
Festa di San Giovannicelebrations of patron saint (June 24th)Florence, Turin, Genoa
Festa di Sant’Antonio celebrations of patron saint (June 13th)Padua
Men’s Fashion Weekfashion shows Milan
Giostra della Quintanamedieval tournament and festivalFoligno
Giostra del Saracinomedieval tournament and festivalArezzo
Opera Festivalopera performances Verona
Cèramica Offinternational ceramics festivalMontelupo Fiorentino
Battle of the Flowersflower float paradeVentimiglia
Ferie delle Messimedieval harvest festivalSan Gimignano
Battle of the Bridgemedieval festival with costumed battle on a bridgePisa
Pizza Festpizza festival and competitionsNaples
Infiorataflower festivalsSpello, Bolsena, Genzano di Roma
Festa dei Due Mondimusica festivalSpoleto
Festa della Sensa*festival celebrating Venice’s relationship with the seaVenice
Greek Theatre Festivaltheater festivalSyracuse
Taormina Film Festinternational film festivalTaormina
Luminaria di San Raniericandles and fireworkds honor the patron saintPisa
Locus Festivalmusic festivalLocorotondo
Night of the Witchesconcert, street entertainers, fireworksOstuni
*sometimes festival is in May


  • Swim in the sea! Or just relax in a lounge chair in the sand.
  • Go on a road trip through the Italian countryside.
  • Cycle your way around Italy – either on scenic paved roads or on the country’s strade bianche – white (gravel) roads.
  • See an outdoor opera in Verona.
  • Soak in thermal baths – Bormio, Merano, Bagno Vignoni, and Saturnia are a few to check out.
  • Take a guided hike up an active volcano. You have four(!) to choose from in Italy – Etna, Vesuvius, Stromboli, and Vulcano.
  • Marvel at amazing art in Italy’s world-class (non-air-conditioned) museums before the summer heat arrives.  It’s a great time to see the Last Supper and Brera Pinacoteca (Milan), the Vatican Museums (Rome), the Colosseum and Roman Forum (Rome), the Uffizi (Florence), the Accademia (Florence), or Pompeii.
  • Go on a food tour or visit a factory to see the production of parmigiano or balsamic vinegar.
  • Attend a concert or sporting event.
  • Have a picnic! Gather ingredients at a grocery store or specialty store and pass an afternoon. Read more about how to shop at a grocery store in Italy.
  • Otherwise, settle in at a wine bar and sample the regional wines – salute!

What To Eat In Italy in June 

Apricots in Italy.
Freshly-picked apricots in Italy

Not-To-Miss Produce In Italy In June 

  • asparagus – asparagi
  • tomatoes – pomodori
  • zucchini – zucchine
  • apricots – albicocche
  • peaches – pesche
  • nectarines – nettarine
  • strawberries – fragole
  • fennel – finocchio
  • cherries – ciliegie
  • plums – susine

Food Not To Miss In Italy In June 

panzanella*Tuscanybread salad with vegetables
asparagi alla milaneseMilanasparagus with boiled egg
fiori di zucca frittiItaly-widefried zucchini flowers
gelatoItaly-widegelato; try with spring fruit flavors
insalata capreseCapri, Southern Italysliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, drizzled with oil and sprinkled with salt
*make a gluten-free version at home!

The Best Places To Visit in Italy In June With Kids 

Stroller on a trail in the Dolomites in Northern Italy.
On a walk with my son in Fiè allo Sciliar

You may want to read
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Things to Do in Italy with Kids

Italian schools finish just before mid-month. The exact date depends on the region.

Once school is out for the summer, you’ll encounter more crowds in kid-focused areas, but you’ll also have more opportunities for your kids to interact with locals and other children.

Family-friendly resorts fill up months in advance. If you’d like to stay in one, as soon as you know your dates, book your accommodation.

When choosing a June destination with kids, keep in mind that it’s getting warmer and more crowded, so try to choose areas that offer respite from the heat – beaches, swimming pools, lakes, shaded parks, or air-conditioned indoor spaces.

Here are a couple of my family’s favorites for June:

Sardinia With Kids in June

If you have small children and want to enjoy being in Italy but also relax, go to Sardinia! It’s such an easy place to visit with kids. There are so many kid-friendly beaches with shallow water. The crystal-clear turquoise waters look like the Maldives.

If you want to mix it up, head inland into the mountains and hills and explore Sardinian villages and their unique foods and festivals.

And if you visit in June, you miss the crazy crowds and insane prices of Sardinia in July and August!

The Dolomites With Kids In June

June in the Dolomites is an excellent choice if you’re traveling with kids. Lifts are open and you can go for easy walks (we love Alpe di Siusi with kids) and stop at the family-friendly huts for lunch and playtime (many have playgrounds or animals).

You can also head into charming Bolzano to see Ötzi, the Ice Man (a big hit with kids!).

The Dolomites have an incredible selection of family-friendly hotels, and some of them are dedicated to children (like Cavallino Bianco in Ortisei). 

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Rome With Kids In June

We don’t usually visit Rome from late-June with our little ones – it’s too hot and crowded for our kids and they get tired and cranky easily. But, Rome’s an amazing city and if this is your only time to visit with kids, you can still have a great time riding the Hop-On/Hop-Off bus, taking a family tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, eating pizza and gelato, throwing your coin into the Trevi Fountain, attending Gladiator School, exploring Rome’s children’s museum, being entertained in Piazza Navona, and playing with other kids in Villa Borghese.

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Tuscany With Kids In June

Book an agriturismo and balance pool time with exploring Tuscany’s small villages and cities.

In Florence, see David at the Accademia, eat gelato, climb a tower, and see what’s on at Palazzo Strozzi – the exhibits are often kid-friendly.

There are plenty of fun activities for kids in Tuscany. Check out:
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Other Destinations With Kids In June

Umbria – Like Tuscany, an excellent place to let kids explore in nature. Little ones will also appreciate the colors of the flower festivals, exploring Orvieto, and visiting the Perugina Chocolate Factory.

Lake Garda – Head to the theme parks like Gardaland and LEGOLAND Water Park! Book way in advance if you want to stay in a family resort after mid-June – they’re very popular with Italian and European families and they fill quickly. Check out my guide to Lake Garda with Kids and Our Favorite Lake Garda Beaches.

Sicily – In June, kids will love beach time, being on Mt. Etna, exploring Siracusa and Palermo, and sampling Modica’s strange chocolate. Read more about Visiting Palermo with Kids and Visiting Modica with Kids.

Puglia and Matera – Puglia beaches are kid-friendly and towns like Alberobello are fun for little ones to explore. Read more about Puglia with Kids and Visiting Matera with Kids.

Destinations to Skip With Kids In June

Venice – The heat and crowds are too much for little ones. You’ll spend a lot of time in lines, even for things like vaporetti (water buses). See my guides to Venice With Kids and Burano with Kids for the best times to visit.

Milan – The heat makes wandering the city tough with kids in tow, so if you really want to go, make sure you spend some time indoors at places like the science museum.

Pompeii – Yes, you can do it, but it’s really hot and crowded. If you decide to go, be sure to read my guide to Pompeii with Kids.

What To Wear In Italy In June 

Woman wearing a floral dress and holding a small child in the countryside in Tuscany, Italy.
My son and I at a wedding in Tuscany

It’s summer time and in most parts of Italy, it’s warm or hot. In the northern part of the country (and some central destinations), the evenings are chilly.

Some dressing tips for Italy in June:

  1. Bring a mix of clothing, depending on where you’re going. Ladies, I live in lightweight dresses in June in central and southern Italy. But, I wear jeans and fleeces in the evening in the Dolomites in June.
  2. A lightweight scarf is a perfect way to add a little warmth and it doesn’t take up much space if you need to pack it away.
  3. Sandals are great but have another comfortable closed-toed walking shoe. In the north, it will be too cold for sandals in the evening. In the rest of the country, city walking in the summer can turn your pair of open-toed shoes into a sweaty, dirty mess.
  4. Pack a bathing suit and beach shoes (flip-flops are perfect) for the beach (or hot springs or lake).
  5. If you’re planning on visiting churches or religious sites, make sure you have appropriate clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Yes, sometimes you can ‘sneak in’ with a tank top – but it’s not about that. It’s important to be respectful and that means dressing respectfully.
  6. Fancy dinner plans? Check to see if there’s a dress code. (And you may want to read our guide to tipping in Italy.)
  7. Dress appropriately for the activity.  For example, if you’re hiking, bring your hiking pack and favorite sunhat.  You can buy anything you need here, but you should bring broken in shoes or boots if you can.  No one wants a blister while on vacation! 

Suggested Modes Of Transport For Italy in June 

Car driving on countryside roads in Tuscany.


June is an excellent month to travel by car or go on a road trip in Italy! Drive through the Crete Senesi in Tuscany, explore the Sardinian coast, or wind your way through vineyards in Piedmont.

Traveling by car gives you the most freedom, but can be pricey by the time you add up the rental cost, gas, tolls, and parking. Rental car demand is fairly high in June, so it’s best to book your rental car as soon as you know you’ll be traveling.

Check out our post on Driving in Italy for info on Italian driving laws and norms!


If you’re traveling long distances, look into flying.  It’s officially high season, so airlines have more routes options. And, with Europe’s many discount airlines competing for your €s, you may find excellent deals.


It may not always be the fastest way and it may not get you from door to door, but taking a train is a beautiful way to travel around Italy in June and see the country in bloom.   Be sure to book a carriage with air-conditioning.


If you’re interested in cycling in Italy, June is an excellent month to visit. Sunnier days and warmer temps mean you’ll need less gear, and you’ll have more daylight hours than in the winter and early spring months.

Make sure you book your accommodation in advance.

Italy in June FAQ 

Is June a good time to go to Italy?

June is an excellent time to visit Italy, especially outside of the major cities (which can get hot and crowded). June is prime beach time and you’ll be able to sample some of Italy’s best produce, including cherries, strawberries, and apricots.

Is June too hot in Italy?

It’s all relative, right? If you’re visiting from Arizona, June in Italy will feel chilly! June is ‘doable’ anywhere in Italy as an adult, but kids will have trouble with the heat and crowds in some Italian cities like Venice and Florence. It’s a good idea to build in rest time during the day, and plenty of gelato stops!

Is it better to go to Italy in June or July?

If you’d like to lounge at the pool at your agriturismo or relax at the beach, July and its hot sunny weather is best. July is also a better month to visit the mountains. For traditional Italian sightseeing, I’d choose June for its lower temperatures and fewer crowds.

What is the weather like in Italy in June?

June weather in Italy is typically beautiful and sunny with little rain. Temperatures range from 55-80°F (13-27°C) in Northern Italy, from 60-80°F (16-27°C) in Central Italy, and from 70-85°F (21-30°C) in Southern Italy.

What should I pack for Italy in June?

For typical sightseeing, pack layers if you’ll be in central or northern Italy, because the evenings can be chilly. Bring sunglasses – the sun’s out!

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