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Boy stands and looks out gondola window at Dolomite mountains and grassy, forested hills.

Corvara in Badia with Kids – Our Family’s Summer Guide

Updated on January 15, 2024

Ciao! Are you trying to decide if you should visit Corvara with your kids?  Or if it would be a good base for your family trip to the Dolomites

I’m a mom of three in Italy and I’ve been visiting the Dolomites since 2004 – for both work and play.  We spend time in the Dolomiti each summer, and Corvara almost always makes its way into our itinerary.    

In this guide, I’ll focus on the summer months.

Andiamo – Let’s go!

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Corvara in Badia with Kids – Helpful Map

Best Ages for Visiting Corvara

Depending on what age your kids are, you may love or Corvara or think it’s just ok.  Here are my thoughts on different age groups:

  • Babies and Toddlers – Because Corvara’s stroller-friendly, it’s easy to push a baby or toddler around in a stroller.  If you have an early walker, Corvara may be tough as there’s no main pedestrian area – the shops and restaurants are all set on the main road that cuts through town. 
    There are fun playgrounds for babies and toddlers (with water and age-appropriate areas) on Pralongià high plateau above Corvara.  You can also visit the playground in the center of Corvara.
  • Elementary-age Kids – This is my favorite age of child to bring to Corvara.  The playground is age-appropriate, there are easy hikes nearby (like Cascate di Pisciadù) and Pralongià, and the Moviment Parks on Pralongià are a blast for this age.  There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from.  My elementary-age kids love Corvara.
  • Pre-teens and Teenagers – If your kids love the outdoors and activities like hiking and biking, Corvara makes a great base or stop.  There are plenty of hikes that are doable for this age group and you can rent bikes and ride on Pralongià or the mountain passes (you can even get an e-bike). 
    Corvara is fairly small, and there’s no central gathering place for teens.  They may like Cortina d’Ampezzo, Ortisei, or even a city like Bolzano more.

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When to Visit Corvara with Kids

Note:  I’m focusing on summertime visits, but you can also visit Corvara in the winter with your family.  The Dolomites are a popular snow sports destination.

For summer visits with kids, Corvara is best from about mid-June through early September

I try to avoid the two weeks surrounding the Maratona dles Dolomites (huge cycling race the first week of July) – hotels get booked and prices are high.  Other big events to avoid are the BMW HERO Mountain Bike Race. 

If you want to ride the Sellaronda without cars, plan to visit for Sellaronda Bike Day, held annually in June.  You can rent bikes in and around Corvara and there are plenty of kids on the road for it. 

August is also really busy – Italians and Europeans flock to the Dolomites – so expect higher prices.  If this is the only time you can visit Corvara, make sure you book your accommodation far in advance, or stay in a nearby (and less expensive) village.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Corvara with Kids

Reasons to Visit Corvara with Kids

  • Plenty of kid-friendly things to do in town and nearby (playgrounds, adventure park, gondola rides and kid-friendly hikes)
  • Your choice of restaurants and cuisine types (Italian, Ladin, Austrian)
  • Exposure to a unique culture (Ladin)

Things I Don’t Love About Visiting Corvara with Kids

  • No great pedestrian center, so you always have to make sure your kids don’t run into the street
  • Takes awhile to get there on curvy mountain roads – not great if your kids don’t do well on curvy, long car rides
  • Hotels can be expensive for what you get, especially if you visit while a major event (like the Maratona bike race) is running

Our Favorite Things to Do in Corvara with Kids

I’ve been visiting Corvara for over two decades with kids – with clients and now with my own three boys.  Here are the best things you can do in Corvara with kids:

Moviment Parks on Pralongià

Playground with gondola and mountains in background.
Part of the Bear Park at Piz Sorega

The Movimënt mountain playgrounds are a blast!  There are three of them on the Pralongià high plateau above Corvara – Active Park at Piz La Ila, Spaghettino Park at Pralongià, and Bear Park at Piz Sorega.  You can reach all of them both by first taking the Col Alto gondola and then walking or taking additional chairlifts.  If we had to choose one, we’d pick Bear Park at Piz Sorega.

Good To Know: You can take a chairlift (seggiovia) between Active Park at Piz La Ila and Bear Park at Piz Sorega or walk between them.  It takes about 1-hr to walk, and the easier direction is from Piz Sorega to Piz La Ila.

Good To Know:  Spaghettino Park is the smallest.

Good To Know: There’s another fun mountain playground nearby – Summer Park La Crusc.  You can reach it by the chairlift from Badia (10-minute drive from Corvara).

Play with Other Kids at the Playground

Children play on the zipline at the playground in Corvara in Badia. You can also see other playground toys in the background. Ground is gravel and grass. There are tall trees providing some shade. Parents sit on a bench in shade.
My boys playing at the playground in the center of Corvara

In general, towns in the Dolomites have fantastic playgrounds.  Corvara’s isn’t our absolute favorite, but it’s still nice and my boys always want to visit it. 

It’s fenced, has plenty of shade, and there’s a zipline, swings, spring toys, slides, a net swing, and a little kid climbing structure.  There are also toilets in the big parking area across the road (look for the sign for ‘toilette’).

Good To Know:  There’s a snack bar just around the corner where you can get an ice cream bar or a cold drink.

Gondola Up to Piz Boè

Boy looks at flower as he walks up yellow-flower covered grassy hill in the Dolomites. Large mountains in background.
My son at the top of the Piz Boé lift above Corvara

This is an easy activity with kids, and you can make it short if you want.  I most enjoy taking this gondola up with small kids because it’s easy to get to the gondola, the ride up has spectacular views, and you can just wander around the grassy fields at the top of the gondola before heading back down whenever you want. 

Walk Along the River Path

There’s a pleasant (but not well-advertised) riverside path that you can take from Corvara to La Villa.  From there, you can turn back or turn right and head uphill to San Cassiano. 

You can walk with your little ones, push a stroller, or rent bikes to ride.

I like this path when I want to get away from the crowds – it’s usually very quiet.

Helpful Tip:  I’ve marked the start of the path on the Google Map above.  You have to cross under the main road (SS244) to begin.

Colfosco Adventure Park

Ropes course in a forest of larch trees.
The ropes courses at Adventure Park Colfosco

Walk, take the lift, or drive up to this ropes courses in the trees of Colfosco.  If you have kids who are too small or aren’t interested, there’s also a small, shaded park and playground across the street.

Cascate del Pisciadù Hike

Small boy playing with stick in stream. Little waterfall behind him.
My son playing in the waterfall’s pools

This hike from Corvara is kid-friendly (easy trail with barely any elevation gain/loss, plus a little waterfall at the end) and beautiful! 

Walk with your kids through wildflower-filled fields on a gravel trail to the small Pisciadù waterfall.  Before the quick walk up the path to the waterfall (careful – tree roots and the rocks can be slippery), you can stop for a snack or use the small toilet.

Good To Know:  You can bring a stroller on this hike – I do with a toddler.

To reach the trailhead, you’ll need to walk uphill from Corvara (toward Passo Gardena) or take the lift to get closer.  Read more in our guide to the Cascate del Pisciadù Hike.

More Things to Do With Kids in Corvara

  • Biotope Lake – has a kids pond and a play area; on the edge of Corvara, so easy to access
  • Sportkostner – shop for sports apparel and equipment; great shop for kids who want clothing from local brands
  • Huge Wooden Bicycle – kids love checking out the large wooden bicycle at the edge of town
  • Sompunt Lake – north of Corvara; beautiful small lake with swans; perfect spot for a picnic; shaded small playground

Where to Stay in Corvara with Kids

Front entrance of Hotel Cristallo. White building. Driveway and black van in fr
Hotel Cristallo (just outside Corvara) has family amenities

If you want to visit Corvara with your little ones, you can stay in the village or in one of the nearby villages like Colfosco (connected by bus and lift in the summer) or La Villa. 

A few family-friendly suggestions:

Budget Family-Friendly Accommodations in Corvara

Nei Y Surëdl – Nevesole – apartments; uphill walk from the center of Corvara (steep but doable with a stroller – I’ve done it); green grassy area away from traffic; lift to Pralongià next door

Sportony Mountain Lodges (La Villa) – suites with kitchens; playground

Nature Hotel Delta (Colfosco) – family rooms available; we loved the views here

Mid-Range Family-Friendly Accommodations in Corvara

Hotel Marmolada – apartments available; in the center so easy to walk everywhere

Hotel Cristallo – outside of Corvara (direction La Villa); kids club, indoor and outdoor play areas, kids’ menus

Luxury Family-Friendly Accommodations in Corvara

Kolfuschgerhof Mountain Resort (Colfosco) – while not technically a ‘family hotel,’ Kolfuschgerhof does have outdoor and indoor kids’ play areas; children’s menus; kids equipment supplied (cribs, high chairs, etc)

La Perla – amazing hotel; I would prefer to stay here with older kids or teens

Read more about Where to Stay in the Dolomites with Kids

Eating with Kids in Corvara

Boys sitting at wooden table in restaurant. Painting on the ceiling and walls, including swirls and rabbits.
My boys sitting down for lunch at Mathiaskellar

Two of my favorite kid-friendly restaurants in the Dolomites are near Corvara:

Ristorante Mathiaskellar – just up the hill in Colfosco; trampoline, you can also eat outdoors, staff are used to kids; inside is fun with cozy dining rooms that fit a family or two; fun paintings on the walls; kid-friendly fare but you can also sample local dishes like canederli (dumplings) or spatzle (pasta-like dumpling)

La Tana dell’Orso – my kids loved this place and if you visit you’ll see why (hint: the décor in the dining rooms is fun!); traditional South Tyrol dishes

In Corvara, you’ve got a huge selection of restaurants.  Here a few kid-friendly options:

Conad City – stop in at Corvara’s main grocery store and pick up a few picnic supplies (local bread, cheese, speck, seasonal fruit, apple juice)

Mountain Huts – have a hearty lunch at a mountain hut; convenient if you’re already out hiking or visiting one of the Movimënt playgrounds on Pralongià

Pizza – if you’re in the mood for pizza, a couple of great options are Pizzeria Salvan and Pizzeria Fornella

Hotel Eden – have gelato (or hot chocolate in the evening) on the outdoor patio

Bistrot La Perla – if you want a ‘fancier’ meal, head to Hotel La Perla and talk to the staff about which option would best suit your family.  We like Bistrot La Perla for lunch (not crowded).

Getting Around Corvara with Kids

Corvara is very easy to get around with kids.  There are sidewalks and the main part of town only has a small uphill (to the Conad City grocery store).  There are hotel options that are uphill, but again, it’s very walkable (and you can work on your buns of steel).

Strollers – I use a stroller without a problem here.  Read more about Strollers in Italy.

Walkable – You can get everywhere in Corvara on foot.  Just be careful with early walkers or kids that like to ‘escape.’  Many of the sidewalks are right on the main road.  As mentioned, there’s no pedestrian area, so you always need to watch your little ones.

Use Lifts and Cable Cars – To reach hikes with your kids, utilize the extensive network of cable cars and chairlifts.  Kids love the ride!

Drive to Nearby Villages – If you want to visit other villages nearby, hop in your car for a quick drive, or have your accommodation call a taxi. 

Corvara with Kids Logistics

Diapers – You can use a restaurant or bar/café, or just change your baby’s diaper on an outdoor bench.  There are shaded areas by the playground, and plenty of quiet areas in town.

Strollers – The pavement in Corvara is great, so you shouldn’t have any problems with your stroller.  You can bring strollers on the gondolas.  If you stay in the hillside, you’ll need to walk your stroller uphill (don’t worry, I do it and you can too!).

Water – There’s a fountain in town (marked on the Google Map above)

Bathrooms – There’s a public toilet by the tennis courts (not far from the children’s playground). 

Pharmacy – Corvara’s pharmacy is small but well-stocked.  Read more about Going to the Pharmacy in Italy.

Clothing – This isn’t the place to be fancy – wear casual clothing, comfortable shoes, wear layers, have a pair of close-toed shoes for the evening even in summer, also have a sweater or fleece for cool summer evenings, hat or sunglasses

Things to With Kids Near Corvara in Badia

Traveling to Corvara with Kids

The easiest way to get to Corvara in Badia with your kids is with your own car, especially if you have gear like a stroller. 

If you don’t have a car, your best option is to utilize trains to get to Bolzano and then take the excellent public buses to Corvara.

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I hope this helps you organize and enjoy your visit to Corvara in Badia with your kids! 

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