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Orange supercar on display the Lamborghini Museum MUDETEC in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy.

Visiting the Lamborghini Museum (MUDETEC) in Italy – Our Experience

On a visit to the area, we stopped in at the Lamborghini Museum (MUDETEC) at the special request of my Lamborghini-obsessed son. 

Admittedly, I wasn’t overly enthused, but I walked out with a much greater appreciation for the brand, and we were wowed by the supercars on display and the digital displays in the museum.

Good To Know: The Museum was updated after our visit as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations.

Where is the Lamborghini Museum in Italy?

Lamborghinis driving up to the front of the MUDETEC Lamborghini Museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese in Italy.
We watched Lamborghinis enter the grounds from the window on the top floor of the Lamborghini Museum

The Lamborghini Museum and Factory are in Sant’Agata Bolognese, a small city near Bologna.  It’s in Italy’s Motor Valley – nearby you’ll find many Italian car museums, including Ferrari, Ducati, Maserati, and Pagani.

Address:  Via Modena, 12 – 40019 Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO), Italy.  See it on a Google Map.

Good To Know:  There’s another Lamborghini Museum nearby – the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Casette di Funo (near Bologna), just 23 kilometers from MUDETEC.  The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum focuses on the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the creator of the Lamborghini company.  Inside the museum, you’ll find his personal collection of cars (including a Miura), some of the first Lamborghini tractors and more. 

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What Does MUDETEC Stand For?

Entrance to the MUDETEC Lamborghini Museum in Italy.
My son heading into the MUDETEC (Lamborghini) Museum

MUDETEC is the new name of the Lamborghini Museum and it stands for Museo delle Tecnologie (Museum of Technology). 

Reasons to Visit the Lamborghini Museum in Italy

Life-size LEGO Lamborghini Sián on display at MUDETEC Lamborghini Museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese in Italy.
This LEGO Lamborghini was on display during our visit
  • You can see unique Lamborghini models on display
  • You can sit outside and listen to and watch cars being test driven
  • It’s a manageable size and it’s not usually crowded
  • There are fun and interactive digital displays
  • There’s a life-size LEGO Lamborghini on display
  • You can visit the inside of the Lamborghini factory when tours start back up
  • In the gift shop, you can purchase (pricey) Lamborghini souvenirs
  • The staff is helpful, kind, and knowledgeable
  • It’s very kid-friendly (if you’re traveling with family)

Lamborghini Museum Costs

Hand holding tickets to the Lamborghini Museum in Italy.  You can see Lamborghinis on display in the background.

The cost to enter the museum in 2024 is €18 for adults and €6 for kids.  We reserved online and selected our entry time. It’s very easy to do online, and you can also reserve a guided tour.

For the most up-to-date info on ticket costs and opening days and times, see the official museum website.

Good To Know:  You can’t currently tour the Lamborghini Factory but it’s expected that tours will resume in May 2024.

Inside the Lamborghini MUDETEC Museum

Silver Lamborghinis on display at MUDETEC Lamborghini Museum in Italy.

The inside of the museum is bright and compact.  There are two levels and there are Lamborghinis displayed on both.

After visiting the Ferrari museums in Modena and Maranello, it felt small, and I immediately wondered if what we’d spent was too much for what we’d get.

It ended up being well worth the visit for what we found inside. We spent about 45 minutes checking out:

  • An introductory video with images of Lamborghinis driving and racing.  It’s all about the visuals and you aren’t given any facts or info.
  • A variety of Lamborghini models from the recent past to the present.  Most are very recent models and some are unique.  There are also convertibles. 
  • An up-close look at every Lamborghini.  You can walk around each vehicle and inspect them (without touching them).  There are fewer people inside the museum, so you can take photos and really spend time at each car without feeling rushed to move aside so someone else can see.
  • Tablets at each vehicle that show basic facts and explanations (in English too).
  • A driving simulator – You need to be 8 years old (but contact the museum to verify the restrictions), but even if you can’t drive it, you can sit and watch (my 4-year-old loved watching others drive).
  • A life-size LEGO Lamborghini Sián – This was a hit for my boys!  It’s amazing to see the detail and it’s also interactive!  You can use the tablet to start and stop the engine and work the different sets of lights. 
  • A few racing trophies that are on display
  • A small, mirrored room full of non-stop Lamborghini videos – close-ups, racing
  • A photo station – you choose your Lamborghini model and backdrop and take a digital photo.  Use the printout with a QR code to download your image at home.  This was another highlight for us and as there was no one waiting, we took quite a few photos!
  • Videos that show the manufacturing process inside the factory, what the test track looks like, and more.
  • Lamborghinis driving into the Lamborghini parking lot.  You’ve got a great view from the top floor of the museum.  While we were there, we saw about 8 Lamborghinis drive in from off the street.
  • A gift shop full of Lamborghini products

Good To Know:  You can download the museum’s app to use while you walk through the museum.  Heads up that the app vehicles don’t always match the cars in the museum because they rotate the models occasionally. 

Helpful Tip:  Build in a little extra time to hang out outside in front of the museum.  We saw and heard several Lamborghinis being test driven.  One of the drivers even revved the engine and took off down the straight road so my boys could see how quickly it could gain speed – they were impressed!

Lamborghini driving similator at the MUDETEC Lamborghini Museum in Italy.
Lamborghini driving simulator – my boys were disappointed they weren’t tall enough, but we still had fun watching

Eating at the Lamborghini Museum

There isn’t a café or restaurant inside the Lamborghini Museum, but on the western edge of the Lamborghini property, you’ll find Ristorante da Taiadela.  It’s a large restaurant that serves regional specialties.

Visiting the Lamborghini Museum with Kids

Boy looking at green Lamborghini race car at MUDETEC in Italy.
My son checking out one of the Lamborghinis on display

Strollers are fine to bring into the museum.  There are stairs, but you can take the elevator up to the top floor.

There aren’t any barriers, so it’s not easy to visit with early walkers and little kids who like to touch.  Baby carriers and strollers come in handy for this age group.

The small size of the museum makes it very manageable if you’ve got children with you.

The technology displays are interactive and fun for kids. 

There’s a LEGO Lamborghini – can make it start, great for little ones

The museum has toilets with a changing table.

There’s not a café or place to eat inside the museum.

Good To Know:  Lamborghini built a small park (just down the road) as an environmental initiative, and it’s a nice place to let the kids run around, or to push a baby in a stroller.  There’s not a playground or anything Lamborghini-themed, but you’ll find some shade, a couple of benches, and a small pond with lily pads. 
If you’re looking for a playground, there’s a tiny one in Sant’Agata Bolognese (see it on a Google Map) with a few toys for kids, including swings, a small slide, and a couple of rocking toys.

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Lamborghini Factory Tour

The Lamborghini Factory tour is currently unavailable (in late 2022, at the time this is being written) because they are building a new Lamborghini and it’s top secret!  The staff was unable to give a date on when the tours will start back up, but said they definitely will once the new model is released. 

If you have an opportunity to see the Lamborghini Factory Tour, don’t miss it!  You enter the factory on foot and see the machines and factory workers putting the Lamborghinis together.  It’s an up-close look at the process that any Lamborghini fan will love.

Things to Do Near the Lamborghini Museum

Inside the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy.
My boys in the Ferrari Museum, Maranello

How to Get to the Lamborghini Museum

Driving to the Lamborghini Museum

If you decide to drive your own car, you can travel to the general area by Autostrada (A1, A22, or A13, depending on which direction you’re coming from) and then take the smaller country roads to get to Sant’Agata Bolognese.  The museum is on Via Modena (SP 255) and parking is free. Make sure you know how to pay the Autostrada tolls!

Taking Public Transportation to the Lamborghini Museum

If you want to get to the Lamborghini Museum from Bologna or Modena by public transport, check bus and train schedules using Google Maps.  From Bologna, you can arrive in 40-60 minutes if you catch a good route.  From Modena, it takes around 1 hr 15 min to 1 hr 30 min and involves multiple changes, but if this is your only option, you can do it!

Lamborghini Museum FAQ

Boy watching a video about Lamborghinis at the MUDETEC Lamborghini Museum in Italy.
My son watching the intro video at the beginning of the MUDETEC visit
Is MUDETEC the same as the Museo Automobili Lamborghini

Yes, Lamborghini Museum (aka Museo Lamborghini, Museo Automobili Lamborghini, or Lamborghini Automobile Museum) now goes by the name MUDETEC.

Can I go on a tour of the Lamborghini factory?

The factory is currently closed because the company is building a new model, so it’s a top-secret place at the moment!  When the new model is released, factory tours will recommence. 

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